Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rogers Park Painting at the Library Speaks 1000 Words

If the Adelphi Theater was an insignificant eye sore that needed to be torn down, which was what Joe Moore had succeeded in doing. Then why did this artist include the Adelphi in this wonderful painting which signifies the beauty and uniqueness of Rogers Park?

The Adelphi as portrayed by an artist.

The Adelphi as portrayed by an Alderman.


Bill Morton said...

It was a beautiful and significant building, a hub for cinema, culture and commerce.

It was a Rogers Park landmark swindled from our community by Alderman Joe Moore and several real-estate companies and development corporations.

It is a part of our history and our former vaudeville turned single-screen treasure.

Was it in the best interest of Rogers Park to demolish the Adelphi Theater?

Go see the hole in the ground where the Adelphi Theater once stood for nearly a century.

Visit 7070-78 N. Clark Street to see an example of Alderman Joe Moore's poor judgement and lack of foresight.

Bill Morton said...

So, are we going to fill that hole with water and go ice skating?

Is the hole half empty or half full?

Grammar Gal said...

No,'s like this:

Joe Moore seems to be "half-empty" of BRAINS, but his coffers are only "half-full"!

In his mind, apparently, it is more important to care about ONESELF, than care about ONE'S FELLOW HUMAN BEINGS.

JOE: Either step down, NOW, or do your duty toward the 49th Ward residents! All it takes is a phone call!