Friday, January 23, 2009

Pride Of The 49th Ward!

A quote from Joe Moore's website "He is a full-time alderman who puts in long hours to ensure he and his staff provide quality service and advocacy for all the residents, businesses and other stake-holders in the 49th Ward. A fighter for peace and justice, Joe works hard to maintain a diverse and vibrant community where everyone has a voice in decisions that affect them."

Peace and Justice! Let's not forget the recent stabbings that occurred on his block. Crime is on the rise, and you are working full time and you can't stop it? My Grandfather was an Alderman, and back in his time, he had a regular job and was still able to serve the citizens of his town. Are you too good to work along side the common man! Of course why would you, when you have a recession proof job, that pays you $100 grand a year, plus whatever you get in donations. Also, I'd like to add that Joe Moore's inability to save a Rogers Park Icon "The Adelphi Theater" in spite of a grass roots organization of Roger Park , who wanted to preserve this Rogers Park gem and offered to buy it. Instead, Joe Moore catered to the Greedy Land Developers, and now what is left is this dangerous gang playground, graffiti and junk filled pit where this fine Landmark "The Adelphi" used to exist. So you don't listen and serve all the citizens of Rogers Park. See citizen video here,

For comment, and concerns please feel free to contact your 49th Ward Alderman by clicking on the Link below.

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Grammar Gal said...

It is time now, that Joe Moore gets taken to task re: his "accomplishments. The 49th Ward is NOT SAFE. he is NOT FIGHTING CRIME. He doesn't even answer e-mails from concerned "citizen journalists" (bloggers) about crime.

JOE MOORE IS IN DENIAL, and as some of the comments on some of the cop blogs say: