Friday, January 9, 2009

Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll of Rogers Park at Leone Park Beach

Rock N Roll of Rogers Park at Quest Network Services

Bill Morton and Rock N Roll of Rogers Park at Triangle Park

Rock N Roll of Rogers Park with Marie, owner of Rogers Bark

Thank youRock N Roll of Rogers Park with friends at Sherwin on the Lake

More on Rock N Roll of Rogers Park can be found here.

Some additional areas of interest for the Rogers Park community on RP1000 include:

147 Outer Drive Express

A.L. Taylor and Associates

Adelphi Theater

Albion Avenue

Arthur Avenue

Ashland Avenue

Beach bonfires

Beat 2422

Beat 2423

Bill Morton

Bill Morton Promotions

Bill's Digital Photos

Birchwood Avenue

Bosworth Avenue

Buffalo Joe's

Burr Tillstrom

Cafe Society


Caribbean American Bakery

Charmers Cafe

Chase Avenue

China Hut

Clark Devon Hardware

Clark Street


Devon Avenue

Devon Market

Enjoying the beach

Estes Avenue

Fargo Avenue

First Commercial Bank

Flatts and Sharpe Music Company

Gateway Senior Apartments

Good morning

Good News Community Kitchen

Greenleaf Avenue

Grill Inn

Gruppo di Amici

Hartigan Beach

Hermitage Avenue

Howard Station

Howard Street

J.B. Alberto's

Jarvis Avenue

Jarvis Grill and Wok

Jarvis Station

Jonquil Terrace

Joseph J. Gentile Center

Juneway Terrace

Lake Michigan

Lakeside CDC

Lakewood Avenue


Leonard Dubkin Park

Lifeline Theatre

Lightning storms

Loyola University

Loyola University Ramblers

Lunt Avenue

Madonna della Strada Chapel

Mayne Stage

Morse Avenue

Morse Station

Newgard Avenue

North Howard Neighbors Association

North of Howard area

North Shore School

Norshore Theater


Paulina Street

Poitin Stil

Pratt Blvd.

Quest Network Services

Ridge Blvd.

Robert's Cycle

Rogers Bark

Rogers Park Builders Group

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

Rogers Park Community Council

Rogers Park Garden Group

Rogers Park Presbyterian Church

Rogers Park sunrises over the Lake

Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society

Sam Leone Beach

Sam Leone Pier

Shambhala Meditation Center

Sheridan Road

Sherwin Avenue

Sherwin on the Lake

Soo Liquors

Taste Food and Wine

Tax-Increment financing

The Armadillo's Pillow

The Common Cup

The Growling Rabbit

The Lighthouse

The Parlor

Touhy Avenue

Tweedle Press

Ultimate Soccer Chicago

United Church of Rogers Park

V-Tone Fitness

Willye B. White Park

Willye B. White Park Advisory Council

Willye B. White Recreation Center

Winthrop Avenue

Wisdom Bridge Theatre



Bill Morton said...

Joe will never learn.

We have been trying for years now to talk some common sense into his head, but Alderman Joe Moore is too concerned with "the role" of his position, and not the responsiblity of his position.

Joe Moore is simply "playing Alderman", instead of being an Alderman in the City of Chicago.

There are only two ways out for Joe at this point:

1. Federal indictment for political corruption (see Blago)

2. Voting him out of office.

Grammar Gal said...

I, and I am certain there are many, many others, agree with you fully.

Joe Moore has ignored his number one responsibility in being an alderman: serving as an OMBUDSMAN for his constituents! If you don't know the word, LOOK IT UP! He has not been operating in OUR interests, but solely his OWN.

Someone, ANYONE, out there agree?

You forgot the third, Bill. He can RESIGN, and let us get on with making Rogers Park and the 49th Ward a Better place to LIVE!

mcl said...

I'm with you.

Hugh said...

Joseph A. Moore should not be allowed to write "10 AM sharp" or anything sharp.

I wish I had a dollar for every minute I have sat in a meeting room waiting for Himself to show.

Grammar Gal said...

Though I know for certain, Hugh, what do YOU (and others) think the "A." signifies?