Thursday, January 15, 2009

- 5

It is now -5 degrees.
High temperature for today may reach 0 degrees.
Low temperature for today may reach -12 degrees.

Where are the heated buses for the homeless people living in Rogers Park?


Grammar Gal said...

Would this not be set up through the alderman's office?

Is it possible he is NOT doing his job again, looking out for the welfare of his constituents?

Oh, I forgot, unless they got registered to vote by ACORN, they are not considered "constituents".

And because they are homeless, they are not considered "residents".

I guess being a human being doesn't count for much in the 49th Ward, City of Chicago, with Joe "Foie Gras" Moore as the alder-EGO!

Bill Morton said...

According to our weather monitor, the temperature just dropped to -8 degrees.

Quest Network Services said...

At Quest the La Crosse weather station reports -9.7 degrees with a wind chill of -18. Indoor tempreture however is 63.5 degrees. Does this mean I need to call 311 for lack of heat?

Bill Morton said...

I know that there a lot of people in your particular building who are probably experiencing the same temperature in their apartments.

I would suggest calling the property manager to see if there is a solution before calling 311.

Bill Morton said...

Grammar Gal,

The homeless can vote provisionally in the City of Chicago and Cook County as long as they can provide an address of residence to the Board of Elections.

I'm surprised that Alderman Joe Moore isn't electioneering to them like he does residents of group homes and rehabilitation centers in Rogers Park.

Maybe he is ...

We will have to look into this further.

Grammar Gal said...

Unfortunately, I have nothing to indicate the outdoor temperature except the Sun-Times, which as of a few minutes ago, showed it is -17 and describes the weather as "unspeakable"!

Video clips on various Tv stations have shown reporters in several "warming stations" around the city. They urge people to come there and get warm. I do not understand.

Why would someone leave their home and go outdoors to travel even a mile or two, waiting for a bus or train, in this weather?

And da Mare simply says, in effect, that the homeless cannot be forced into a shelter.

None of this makes any sense to me.

Why should one have to go outdoors to find a warming place--because their cheap landlords are breaking the law, in the Municipal Code of Chicago, that a 68 degree temperature must be maintained.