Thursday, January 1, 2009

Deadly Hazard Exposed in Rogers Park

What you see here are exposed electrical wires that I came across today while I was walking my dog in Warren Park which is in West Rogers Park. My dog actually tried to go over there to chew on these wires, but luckily I was able to stop her. Children play in this park, and if they happened to play with these wires there is no telling what could happen. Also, what if these wires were hidden by the snow? Do I need I say more. Tsk,Tsk! I also, hear that there are exposed wires in light poles around Rogers Park that can pose a electrical hazard to children and animals. So in addition, to
shoveling your walkways
and warning your children to stay away from abandoned construction sites, here is one more thing amongst many to be aware of in Rogers Park.
This high voltage box below is near to the wires in the picture above.

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Bill Morton said...

Chicago Shadows,

You very observant.

These are issues that people see everyday, But Do Not Report.

It is concerned citizens like you that make Rogers Park a better place to live, work and play.