Friday, January 30, 2009

The Morgan at Loyola Station video

This video promoting The Morgan at Loyola does not accurately portray Rogers Park.

What kind of Fantasy-Land are these people in?

The Morgan at Loyola Station
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Grammar Gal said...

Gee, Bill, it's going to have a CVS and fireplaces and all that great furniture to go with the upwardly mobile lifestyle and expensive clothing AND jewelry. No one person in that video is doing anything productive.

It's FLUFF, pure and simple realtors' FLUFF! Loyola has high incidences of crime in the surrounding neighborhood. The beach almost never looks that clean. Many of the nearby stores on Devon are tawdry, at best.

The Morgan looks like just another place where Mummy and Daddy pay the exhorbitant rents!

Toto said...

Grammar Gal:

You sound so angry that something nice is coming to Rogers Park.

I never can understand you RP folks. You hate anything that could be a plus, yet you revel in everything thats bad.

So much work for so little payoff.

Grammar Gal said...

It seems, Toto, that you didn't notice the train is a GREEN LINE, which doesn't happen to go anywhere near the Morgan or Loyola, for that matter!

The video is full of these sorts of "little white lies". The realtor blatantly allows this.

And if you think this is a plus, go check out the Morgan yourself and report back how low the rents are. Then go check the tuition and book fees at Loyola. Next, tell me how many Loyola students really care about Rogers Park.

The North Coast said...

Bill, my dear, it's ADVERTISING!

Advertising is about fantasy. Do you think most women who buy Estee Lauder cosmetics, for example, live like the models in the ads?

Though, just for the sake of verisimilitude, the adsters just COULD have pictured a train at the Loyola station. Would have looked better than what they used- a green line train downtown.

Bill Morton said...

In advertising, it's called the bait and switch tactic.

It's "a little white lie" at best, and a fraudulent scam at worst.

Either way, I'm sure that the future residents will be unpleasently surprised when they find that day-to-day life is nothing like the commercial in Rogers Park.

Erin said...

I love Rogers Park I just hope new developments don't price out the people that have made it so interesting.