Friday, January 2, 2009

Time Out Chicago Critic Picks Chopal As a North Side Favorite While The Chicago Board of Health gives Chopal just a "Time Out"

Who's brave enough to dine on Devon?


Grammar Gal said...

I would NOT "dine on Devon" if TWENTY people paid my way! Ever!

Nor would I dine at a lot of other places in Chicago, including some of the highest-rated hotels, whose kitchens I have been "priveleged" to see over the years.

Bad food prep habits are too easy to latch on to, folks. Kitchen workers do NOT wash their hands properly, nor as much as required. Then you all wonder , "Why do I feel soooo crummy?"

Please check EVERYBLOCK for the latest Health Department closings on your favorite restaurants

Bill Morton said...

I passed by Chopal the other day, and it looks like it has re-opened.