Thursday, January 22, 2009

Clark Street In Rogers Park's 49th Ward

Real nice Joe...Real nice! Makes me want to live and shop here!

Rogers Park


Bill Morton said...

It is horrible that something as simple as a downed banner, cannot be replaced in a reasonable timeframe.

No one from the Aldermans office or DevCorp North is willing to do a neighborhood walkthrough, to inspect and correct the obvious icy streets and alleys, grafitti, litter, fallen signs and tree limbs.

mcl said...

I'll check tomorrow but there is/was a Howard Street banner flapping upside down just East of the Howard/Clark Street intersection on the South side of Howard.......been like that for over a year! And these people (Moore & the DevCorp bunch) wonder why the community is down on them..DUH!

Bill Morton said...

This particular "Unique Clark Street" banner was found hanging upside down on Clark Street, near the Rogers Park branch of the Chicago Public Library.

mcl said...

The street sign I referred to above on Howard is not a 'banner' but one of the circular 'Rogers Park logo with the hands' signs (a great community symbol, IMO) which is hanging up side down, as it has been for over a year..... maybe two years.

Bill Morton said...

I took a picture of that upside down sign on Howard Street on Wednesday, May 28, 2008.

You know, those hands always remind me of everyone looking for a hand-out on Howard Street, Clark Street, Morse Avenue, Western Avenue and Sheridan Road.

Unfortunately, "You got any change?!", is probably the most used phrase in Rogers Park.