Sunday, January 11, 2009

Mayor Daley and Joe Moore

On Saturday, January 10th 2009, Mayor Daley visited Rogers Park to speak for the ribbon cutting ceremony for our new Chicago Fire Department firehouse on Clark Street.

Alderman Joe Moore also attended the event but sure didn't look like he wanted to be there.

Mayor Daley

Alderman Joe Moore


Chicago Shadows said...

Looks like he's asleep and pissed at the same time!

Grammar Gal said...

The Ald. really didn't want to be there, since Daley called him Joe "Foie Gras" Moore in that City Council meeting where the "ban on foie gras" was lifted.

Plus the fact that Joe probably got zilch in payment from the re-zoning, and had nothing to do with bringing the new fire station to Clark St. All 100 yr.+ buildings are being rebuilt and updated.

Not Joe's little pet project, so it probably tired him out driving less than a mile through the snow!

Nice group of shots, though!

Bill Morton said...

Joe Moore looked unhappy to be making an appearance at 10am on a Saturday... even for our firefighters.

mcl said...

I'm sure another reason for Joe's uneasy, unhappy demeanor is also due to Fire Commissioner Brook's comments as reported by Michael Harrington on 24/7 North of Howard watchers: "Later, Chicago Fire Commissioner John W. Brooks rose to make his own welcoming speech. He said he felt a need to make a personal comment first, before starting his official remarks. Commissioner Brooks then recalled a particularly tragic and sad moment in Rogers Park's history. It was Sunday, September 3, 2006 when five Ramirez family children and a sixth child died in a fire in their apartment at 7706 N. Marshfield." For Michael's full comment go to: