Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bishop James Alan Wilkowski

It takes a concerned member of the clergy to keep us informed.

Bishop James Alan Wilkowski Photo Courtesy: William R. Morton

Courtesy of Bishop James Alan Wilkowski of the Church of the Holy Family

City of Chicago



Do you owe outstanding parking or red light tickets issued prior to January 1, 2007?

- If so, take advantage of this program now! If you pay your tickets in full, the City will waive 50% of the penalties for those tickets.

Do you owe boot, tow, and storage fees for a vehicle no longer in the City's possession?

- If so, pay your tickets in full or get on a payment plan, and the City will waive them in full.

Have you previously defaulted on a payment plan?

- During the amnesty, you can get a new payment plan. The City will waive the $100 penalty.

* For more information, visit or call (312) 744-PARK.

* Motorist who fail to take advantage may incur collection costs and become boot eligible for two tickets at least a year old once the program ends.

The most commonly used browsers, Internet Explorer, Netscape and Firefox are supported browsers for this interface.

You can search for parking, compliance, and tickets issued by automated cameras by using one of the search options below, and entering the required information. The Department received a timely hearing request if a ticket status displays hearing requested or hearing scheduled. Hearing date options are displayed for scheduled in-person hearings. If you know your ten-digit ticket number(s) and do not need to search, click here to pay.

Please note, information regarding recently issued tickets may not be available using these search options. However, if you know your ticket number(s), you can pay by clicking here and entering the required information.

Enter The Required Information To Search For Tickets: You only need to enter required information for one of the search option boxes displayed below. However, you may need to perform multiple searches if you have multiple plates, or if your driver’s license number does not accurately appear on all of your license plate registrations. Tickets issued to vehicles without license plates at the time of ticket issuance may require a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) search.

You May Search By: License Plate Notice Number Driver's License Number Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)Searching by License Plate

License Plate: Enter your license plate without spaces or dashes. Only those tickets issued to the license plate entered will be retrieved. This search option may not retrieve tickets if your plate is issued by a state other than Illinois.

License Plate State: If your license plate was not issued by the State of Illinois, please choose the applicable state from the drop down menu.

Plate Type: IMPORTANT – Some examples of plate types include passenger, disabled, environmental, and prevent violence. An environmental plate, for example, is not a passenger plate. If you choose the incorrect plate type, you will not receive information.Owner's

Last Name or Name of Company: If your vehicle is registered to more than one person, enter the last name of the first person as it appears on your vehicle’s license plate registration. If your vehicle is registered in the name of a company, enter the company name as it appears on the vehicle’s license plate registration.

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