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Monday, December 22, 2008

Shambhala Meditation Center opposes 7313-15 N. Sheridan project

Subject: From Shambhala Center

Dear Alderman Moore:

At this time the Shambhala Meditation Center cannot support Mr. Aronson's request for a zoning change on the property adjacent to ours. We have had additional discussions with Mr. Aronson, following the meeting Alderman Moore convened in late October. At that meeting we presented our concept for a project (attached). Our neighbors agreed that the vision we proposed would better meet the needs of our neighborhood. Although Mr. Aronson agreed to take our ideas into account, our later discussions with him have not led to a mutually satisfactory result. We have considered this decision from many different angles. Our present location in Rogers Park and our relationships with our neighbors are extremely valuable to us. We also believe that our presence is valuable to the community in ways that do not seem apparent to Mr. Aronson. We do not believe that a large multi-unit building, mostly seven stories high, although the portion housing the Shambhala Center would be only three stories, is in the best interests of our community. Therefore, we strongly oppose the proposed zoning change for the property at 7313-15 N. Sheridan Road.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter.

Best wishes for the holidays,
Alice Dan and David Stone, Co-Directors
Shambhala Meditation Center of Chicago


Bill Morton said...

A personal Thank-You goes to Alice Dan and David Stone, Co-Directors
Shambhala Meditation Center of Chicago.

I know that your neighbors, and nearby small businesses appreciate your decision as well.

RP Free Speech said...

I strongly applaud this letter!

If this zoning change took place, Shambhala would have to move to temporary quarters unknown. and if the building of that monstrosity proposed by Rich Aronson were to begin, it could possibly end up just another half-finished "HOLE IN THE GROUND"! Mr. Aronson's track record as a devloper is no great, though his contributions to Citizens for Joe Moore have been SIZABLE.

The LAST THING NEEDED in the 49th Ward of Chicago is ANOTHER "hole in the ground"!

Mr. Moore: did you NOT learn a lesson in your deal with Chad Zuric, your "Pay-to-Play" pal? The site of the now-demolished Adelphi Theater at Clark and Estes is already ONE HOLE TOO MANY!

Three cheers for COMMON SENSE! Thank you Ms. Dan and Mr. Stone!

Quest Network Services said...

I also would like to give a warm THANK YOU to Alice Dan and David Stone for not supporting Rich Aronson's proposal. As you know this project would most certainly disrupt my business, a disruption we could not afford. Again THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU

Mike F. Harris said...

Someone should let the media know about this shit!