Monday, December 15, 2008

No Show Joe

Where was Joe Moore?

Many of the workers of Republic Windows are Rogers Park residents.

I found this out when I met with them at their Victory Celebration tonight at Teamsters 705 Auditorium.

Even the featured live music was by Rogers Park musician/activist Bucky Halker.

Joe Moore claims to be for a working wage...
But ...
Where was Joe Moore?


Chicago Shadows said...

Where was the Alder-Joker??? He was at home washing his Alder-Joker tights. Haha! A little quote from the Batman '89 movie reversed.

Bill Morton said...

I still think that the first Batman movie (Tim Burton - 1989), was the best. I showed it on the Big Screen at the Adelphi Theater.

I still think that Joe Moore needs to have a Federal Investigation. Joe Moore asked me 38 times to pay him off, or the Adelphi Theater demolition would be expidited.

Alderman Joe Moore has skelitons in his closet.