Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Final Thought for 2008 (feel free to re-post on your blogs)

(former location of) the Adelphi Theater
7070 - 78 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL. 60626

File under: 49th Ward, 60626, Danger to our Community, Demolition Tragedy, Eyesore, Joe Moore's Folly, Poor Judgement by an Alderman, Un-Secured Demolition Site, Ward Wreckage

original location of video:

Thank you, and let's not re-elect an Alderman that would do this to our neighborhood in years to come.

- Bill Morton


Chicago Shadows said...

Very touching, and thought provoking! Great camera work, and commentary by the way!

Quest Network Services said...

Thanks Bill for the video. I still can vividly remember the days we fought hard to try and save the theater. It's amazing how long ago the demolition happened and yet still a hole in the ground just at we knew it was going to be. Great video! Thanks again....

Bill Morton said...

Yes Kris,

We knew that if the Adelphi Theater was demolished, it would remain a hole in the ground.

Every one of our 10,000 petition signers also saw this horrible result looming.

But, Why did Alderman Joe Moore not have the foresight and common sense to predict this tragic outcome?

Who put the blinders on his eyes?