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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last night at Freaky Nu Nu's shrine


RP Free Speech said...


It's really too bad these B-Block Folk don't understand how to express their grief except by committing a CRIME--defacement of Chicago Transit Authority property!

Did they never hear of SIGNS or BANNERS?

The CTA and the City of Chicago should demand payment from B-Block to pay for the GRAFFIT BUSTERS! After all, they're the folks "makin' MONEY!

Mike F. Harris said...

Freaky Nu Nu is Freaky No NO more, and I agree with the G. 110%. With that said, it goes to show that fantasy world of the Nu Nus, is complete stupidity and ignorance. Like Hip-hop Nu NU world is complete anti-culture rubbish.

This just shows that government programs do not work for every person, especially when they go unchecked! I also go on to say, that don't blame the parents, blame the government. This is what happens when the government plays mother hen to the families of Nu NUs. It just makes them helpless and entitled for programs to raise their NU NU children in which they will continue to have more and more of as long as there is enough drugs and booze to keep their legs from going shut.

And to think that this stabbing happened near the office of Joe Moore! Is Joe Moore really fighting for the 49th ward? Fighting for what, I ask. With all the crime, corruption, and garbage that has been so a part of Rogers Park, I doubt he could fight his way out of a paper bag that big wuss!