Tuesday, December 16, 2008

From our friends at Flatts and Sharpe Music Co.

"Holy jamoley it’s cold outside!

Milk a cow now and enjoy the fresh ice cream.

But seriously folks, at least Flatts & Sharpe is offering some hot gift ideas. We still have guitar gift packs available, which bundle everything that special someone might need to start playing into one convenient package, starting as low as $200, so come check one out today! We also began offering some affordable, American-made, high-quality guitars for your shopping pleasure. Some even come with gorgeous alligator-skin hardshell cases that you have to see for yourself. Help out the American economy and score yourself (or your lucky loved one) a fine piece of music-making machinery.

If you have a musician in your life and don’t know what to get them we offer store gift certificates. This way they can pick out their own strap, book, amp, capo, or slide. Speaking of that musical loved one, we know you like them, and we know you support them, but we also know you’d like them to stop playing the same four songs and pick up some new musical moves already. If this sounds like you, consider the gift of music lessons this holiday season. It’s the gift that keeps on giving … and not just to its original recipient".

Flatts and Sharpe Music Co.
6749 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL. 60626
(773) 465-5233

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