Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Remembering North Shore School - Initial Reaction

Mr. Morton,

Henry, my son, attended North Shore for 2 years, '95 & '96. I moved to the western suburbs because of the schools and better socialization opportunities for Henry. And mostly because Rogers Park never got better... it was dicey walking west of Sheridan Rd. on Chase. We can all thank David Orr for his Section 8 push and his lackey Moore for what's happened.

I owned 3C at 1208 W. Chase for 10 years...that beautiful old building was visible from my south windows.

Tonight Henry called me from Arizona State ... he found some peers from North Shore on Facebook and emailed me a photo of the building...then I started looking around and found more of your stuff. It is devastating.

And I am in tears. And Henry was saddened too.

Another beautiful building gone and for ugly parking lot for an equally ugly building.

Respectfully submitted. Mary Sopata

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