Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Reader Response to North Shore School waste

"I work at ----TV (ch--)and gave a couple ideas to the producer of the ---day -am news pgm for possible topics....both of which were partly inspired by the RP blogs I viewed. The first one is if neighborhood blogs can influence voters...and I used as an example, the info about North Shore School and the campaign contributions of the property owner to the 49th ratbag alderman.

My other idea was that teardowns and rehabs should be taxed county-wise if they choose not to recycle buildings. Besides the shame at North Shore, I have a friend who sold a great 50 year old brick house in LaGrange that was taken down. I called the builder a few times asking to purchase some window hardware and room doors. Of course they never called back.

Good luck with getting the alderman out of office.....less will be Moore".

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