Monday, December 29, 2008

Oblivious Alderman Joe Moore

Joe Moore thinks that Development, is "The single major issue" in Rogers Park.

How about gang violence and murders in Rogers Park? (pictured below)

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Chicago Shadows said...

Make more affordable housing to keep the diversity and take stock of what we have? For one thing if you don't know what stock you have you shouldn't be minding the store. Yeah, and I think the crime issue in Rogers Park is a more important problem than maintaining the diversity of Rogers Park. Chicago is such a diverse town already, why does all the diversity need to be in Rogers Park? I mean what about Bucktown or lakeview? There is alot of affordable housing near where I live already in Rogers Park, and most of these occupants are careless and destructive because they pay little or nothing for this entitlement. Plus there is an increase of violence and graffiti because of them. That is something that we all can't afford. If you want affordable housing, then balme those who've destroyed the Henery Horner, Robert Taylor, and Cabrini Green housing projects. What are trying to do, make Rogers Park the Englewood of the north side.