Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And So 'It' Goes

Michael Luckenbach posts a followup to my April 1st, 2011 A Walk Down Howard Street, noting that exactly one month afterwards, the blight remains unresolved.

This is a long story that began for the readers of Rogers Park in 1,000 Words with the maintenance of the Wisdom Bridge Theatre and the demolition of the Lerner Building on Ashland and Howard Street.

During this time everyone has been called into question including, Alderman Joe Moore, Developer Rich Aronson, The Wisdom Bridge Arts Project, former occupants Dev Corp North, the Howard Street SSA and the current property owners.

I've posted a wealth of information in earlier posts and have many currently unpublished documents, but let's view the North of Howard Neighbors Assocation's position on this issue in our community first: http://nhna.blogspot.com/2011/04/and-so-it-goes.html



jeffo said...

We should make the lot decent until there is development there.

Howard is the pits right now.
When is the streetscape coming for Howard?

jeffo said...



jeffo said...

I see on the google search result
it says
Rogers Park Updates.

I want this to become THE forum for Rogers Park. It needs one.

Uptown has one, Edgewater has one too, and now that Broken Heart is gone this should be the Rogers Park blog.

Bill Morton said...

the owner of the property is "in jail out of state"

The owner of the Lerner hole property is in jail in Florida.

How can we hold the owner of the property responsible for the unsecure hole in the ground with evidence of gang activity and children playing?

More importantly, How can we secure the property in the fastest way possible for public safety concerns?

jeffo said...

I will call Michael Land at the aldermans office to see what he knows, I guess its one of those things where the city should step in and fence it off or just take it over, emminent domain....

Bill Morton said...

ward49@cityofchicago.org has been notified about this issue ... again.

Bill Morton said...

I had an informal conversation with a member of the Howard Street SSA yesterday. They are contemplating a few options with the SSA moneys.

I brought up the issue of public safety and securing the properties.

I mentioned the contaminated land that was buried on the property instead of being properly removed.

New planters and banners are not inviting enough for a business to risk setting up shop in an area with gangs, prostitution and an open-air drug market.

Tackling the enormous public safety issue that goes largely ignored is the only way to bring a lasting improvement to Howard Street.