Monday, May 2, 2011

Morse Avenue



jeffo said...

Oops I messed up.
How about some words with the photos?
Not much of conversation starters.
I do miss the newspaper stand at the morse el stop.

Bill Morton said...

How about if I say the words ... Morse Avenue Streetscape?

Anonymous said...

I am sure that "Rogers Park in 1,000 words" has a "think tank" of professionals salivating to write about the businesses listed in these articles.

jeffo said...

I like your blog.
And Im not trying to be a pest.
If you keep it as is, not much traffic. Which is okay.

But statements and questions under the photos would stimulate conversations.

Do you live in RP?
Any Crime in your Area?

As Ive already mentioned, drugsales are still strong in my area (wayne and farwell) or atleast they are still trying.... How about your area?

jeffo said...

I just like to vent and compare notes with other people.
Im not obsessed with crime, but its hard to ignore. And if its present it shouldnt be ignored.

This doesnt have to be Broken Hearts replacement, but mention of local occurences and news and important crime that does happen like a community bulletin board would be cool. I dont have time to run a blog but I do have time to contribute.

Right now essentially Rogers Park is almost blogless.
Thats not good. IMHO.

jeffo said...

The morse ave streetscape has made a big difference but yeah the gangs still loiter, but less,
and the drugdealers do deal but less.

The golden mini mart is a major hellhole that isnt helping at all.

jeffo said...

oops, last night or the night before the trash can at morse and wayne was hit by a car, its dented up and so is the new fence around the planter and you can see the tire marks, Im calling in the dented trash can and the broken mechanism to hold it into 311.

I will also call the aldermans office today.

jeffo said...

Bill Morton said...

Very interesting, jeffo.

I researched Blockshopper a bit and found:

Founded in 2006, BlockShopper is a local news and market data service for current and aspiring homeowners, home buyers and home sellers.

In short, we're one part community newspaper, one part ultimate hyper-local real estate research and advertising tool.

Our original news and data make us different. So does our independence. BlockShopper is owned and run by experienced reporters and media executives.

For us, this is a journalistic exercise; we aspire to be part of the "next generation" of local media companies, taking local news gathering to an entirely new level.

Blockshopper website

The most recent Rogers Park entries include:

Professors buy Rogers Park home. May 3, 2011

School president buys in Rogers Park. Feb. 13, 2011

Motorola manager sells Rogers Park 3BD. Aug. 25, 2010

Business lawyer lists Rogers Park 4BD. July 29, 2010

Developmental psychologist, professor scores Rogers Park abode. July 28, 2010

So, what do you think is their relevance of "Professors", "School president", "Motorola manager", "Business lawyer" and "Developmental psychologist, professor"?

Bill Morton said...

Do you think that a waitress, clerk or bus driver would be highlighted on their website?

jeffo said...

^^^Probably not.

Still nice to know that white collar people are buying property in the area.