Friday, May 6, 2011

John's Tulips



Anonymous said...

The tulips are here, so where's the warm weather?

Bill Morton said...

I'll get to work on that for you!

Hugh said...

A bit off topic, but isn't it nice that both of our community's angry hate bloggers seem to have finally put the proverbial sock in it?

So much more civilized around here.

jeffo said...

both hate bloggers?

Craig being one and who being the other? The NOH blogger?

Hugh I doth think that you miss them.

And nice to see tulips everywhere finally.

Bill Morton said...

Hateblogger is a derogatory label with the intention of lessening the merit or reputation of Rogers Park bloggers who do not agree with Alderman Joe Moore.

A related creation of the 49th Ward Alderman is the Negativity Chart, which rates local community activism on a sliding scale as negative depending upon their distance from the Alderman's own agenda.

Both are tools used by the Alderman in an attempt to sway public opinion in his favor without regard for the consequences.

jeffo said...

Trash Update.
I filled most of a 13 gallon trash bag with the debris from the farwell el viaduct and down farwell from glenwood to greenview.
This was this am, some shady bangers came out of the yellow courtyard building on the north side of farwell.

Most of the litter is in front of the brand new 6 flat that is just apts but was supposed to condos and also the 1950s apt building.

Where there is smoke there is fire.
Allowing trash to fester invites crime and most likely its there due to loitering and the bad elements being there in the first place.

In general the south side of Morse is looking okay. I pick up the south side of Morse, not the north side.

jeffo said...

channel 5 news was on morse not sure if anything was broadcasted though. they were there for mayne stage they were there earlier this evening.