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Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Down

Blogger was down for about a day and it looks like two posts on Rogers Park in 1,000 Words were erased in the process.

I will not be accepting comments questioning it as a conspiracy theory or some sort of personal attack because this is not the case. Blogs across the board have experienced the same losses.

I will repost Lightning over Rogers Park and Howard Street, Ashland Avenue & Rogers Avenue today.

Thank you,

Bill Morton



Bishop Wilkowski said...

Why CAN'T we have a conspiracy?

Bill Morton said...

Although conspiracy theories are fun to think about and can be the topic of great jokes, some let their assumptions get out of hand.

Aluminum foil hats and cool-aid are not the standard here.

jeffo said...

I found this very annoying because I wanted to comment on the Howard and Ashland debacle.

However in the past few days it looks like the lot is looking better in that the fences have been repaired and some of it is staked off for something.

Bill Morton said...

Joe Moore had some cars parked in the mud that used to be the Wisdom Bridge Theatre today.

He had to mark the area with a blue barracade with his name on it.

Later this evening the cars and barracade were removed.