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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Today in Rogers Park



jeffo said...

10-12 or more GDs on Morse at 530pm, why is this tolerated?

Reside on Morse has a doorman and there are people working inside of Act One Cafe.

Why, Why, Why?
Monday, they definitely know is a good day to hang out there, because Act One is "closed" and Niko takes the day off from Morse Gyros.

I called the cops and they were there shortly.

The Golden Mini Mart guy didnt call the cops either. I talked to Melba the owners daughter of that building as well.

There is a Caps meeting about this very same subject on the 19th.
Um CALL the COPS when they are LOITERING!!!!
not a hard solution is it???

jeffo said...

I do find it a little funny that sometimes the Cops arent being proactive in stopping the loitering on Morse, Theyve been better latetly.

But we all must realize they guys are losers and this is all they have, they will be persistent and stubborn, we have to be just as persistent and stubborn......

jeffo said...

I had to repark my car so I decided to drive around the block to make sure the coast was clear.

NOPE. Coast wasnt clear,
bangers still hanging in front of the golden mini mart building.

Called 911 and then called Melba, Act One and Reside on Morse to try to understand why these three businesses are tolerating the loitering!!!!

jeffo said...

They will try to hang there all summer and will succeed if people and the neigborhood let them.

Does Rogers Park want to get better? Seems like it, but we need to follow through.
Do the Cops want Rogers Park to get better? I think so, but they have to draw a line in the sand and I think this is the year that they tolerate no loitering on Morse. Dont talk about it just dont tolerate it.

I dont go to Caps meetings because I dont see the point, I talk with the building owners and the cops anyways

jeffo said...

The fight for Morse isnt over yet, its just started, now in earnest.
We have the North Side.

Now we need to take the South Side of Morse back. Thats the side of the street that Craig doesnt live on. But its the side that I live on......

jeffo said...

Why am I running patrol in my own neigborhood?

Why should I have to?
The Gang hangs out at Morse on the South Side of the Street.

Patrol the hell out of it and tolerate no loitering!
End of Story. Give the gangs no peace, do the gangs give us peace?

Anonymous said...

Is this a reenactment of the Normandy invasion in Rodgers Park?

jeffo said...

Nice blah response from
an anoner.