Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This morning



Anonymous said...

Just another 40 degree May spring morning in Rodgers Park!

jeffo said...

FYI I called 311 on the defunct laundrymat mess at 1345 w Morse.

I called it in for building code violations, there are tons of bricks strewn across the floor, an electrical box hangs from the ceiling, exposed pipes from where the washers were. Trash everywhere.

I have talked with the owner's daughter numerous times regarding this, (melba).

So I had no choice but to have it called in, this is ofcourse where the bangers are loitering.

Im just wondering why we can have a website that points out problems in Rogers Park. I am a commenter and action person not a blogmaster.

If my comments are destined to be footnotes under nice photos than so be it.

Am I shouting in to a vacuum?
If so fine.

jeffo said...

Btw I guess I will go the Caps meeting at 1530 w Morse at 5pm on Thursday. What the heck!

Any of you guys planning on going?

jeffo said...

BTW funny thing I found about the golden mini mart


Anonymous said...

A guy was just walking south on Sheridan road and Chase in Rodgers Park totally naked. Most of the traffic was stopped as the guy walked across Chase and a bicycler trailed along.

Bill Morton said...

I wouldn't be surprised about any of these updates. I've seen a lot here.

How about all of those police vehicles and ambulances on Sheridan and Chase last night.

They had this guy in handcuffs who had bandages wrapped around most of his face and head. 7301 N. Sheridan Road.