Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rogers Park shore



Bill Morton said...

Well, the Alderman is certainly not the reason why people choose to live in Rogers Park.

jeffo said...

Very Very Nice picture Bill!

Anonymous said...

Looks like that shoreline needs people or at least a giant eel.

Anonymous said...

Springtime in Rogers Park. Everyone rushing back and forth to work trying to chasing gas prices that they forget there's a shoreline.

jeffo said...

6808 N wayne is where the drugdealer lives or atleast hangs out at threshold grais.

I let the police know, I will also be calling all apt buildings on the west side of that stretch of wayne from pratt to farwell to let them know.

The drugdealer is using psych patients as cover. Shameful. This has been going on the last month. Last drug deal today was around 5pm at wayne and farwell.