Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society has HistoryWiki


RP/WRHS Website Now Has HistoryWiki

As of today, our website, has a new "HistoryWiki." If you haven't already done so, please register on the website so you can access this newest source of research. Once you've registered, all special features will then be accessible to you. You'll find, not only the HistoryWiki, but all the back issues of the newsletter and house tour booklets. Also some booklets from special events. It's here that you'll be able to get to the Oral History Podcasts that are in development, too.

The HistoryWiki is our version of the famous Wikipedia. It uses the same MediaWiki software and brings a new dimension to researching Rogers Park and West Ridge.

Users will be able to correct entries that are incorrect, add information to those lacking it, and create new pages for information that hadn't been stored in the HistoryWiki up to that point.

While we have over a thousand pages already in place, it is by no means complete. This will be an on-going project and will never be complete. Every person reading this knows information that is not included in the HistoryWiki. We hope that they will add their knowledge to it so that it will be more complete. Of course, we would expect that any new information or corrections be backed up with references, where practical. If the information is unreliable, who benefits?

Anyone that has used Wikipedia already knows how to use HistoryWiki. There are some additional instructions on the introduction page to HistoryWiki. For those wishing to add or correct information in the HistoryWiki, please contact us for instructions on how to do it. We'll be happy to help. It's not quite as easy as using e-mail until you know how. If you're unsure, just send the info to us and we'll put it on the Wiki.

You can find our new feature in the Services section of the website. There will be no indication of its existence unless you have registered on the site. So please do so before you tell us you can't find it.

Hank Morris

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