Saturday, August 14, 2010

One of my favorites

This is one of my favorite videos that I have taken of Rogers Park.

Since I uploaded it to Youtube on 8/7/2009, I have gotten some interesting comments about it.

1 year ago - Very nice video! Five stars

1 year ago - Looking north from about Leone (Touhy) Beach during a 'Noreaster with the Lunt jetty and Farwell Pier behind it. As we say: Leone IS the center of the universe.

11 months ago - Sure brings back my youth...I'am 63 as we type. Never new the LUNT jetty..but things do change....I'm a 'SAM's' boy...Thanks

8 months ago - Too bad Rogers Park is crime infested and it's NEVER GONNA CHANGE.

4 days ago - JWA, I realize that this is an arguably boring or serene video of Rogers Park lakefront depending upon perspective. Perhaps, its Bill's way of expressing himself. Nevertheless, I guess that leaves lower real estate taxes for those who know and appreciate Rogers Park and intend to stay here.

Fortunately, those who prefer higher percentages of paler complexions and Poa annua are scared away by their own bigotry and ignorance. Perhaps, G-d meant it to be that way.

What do you think?

- Bill Morton

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