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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Getting booky

Since I've spent a good portion of the day with used books, I decided to check out the basics again for myself.

Management by Ross A. Webber, Modern Retailing Theory and Practice - by Mason and Mayer and Economics - by Samuelson were my selections for the day.

See you at The Armadillo's Pillow tomorrow!

- Bill Morton

The Armadillo's Pillow 6753 N. Sheridan Road Chicago, IL. 60626 (773) 761-2558


Bishop Wilkowski said...


Bill Morton said...

Maybe I should used the word, Bookish, but that word wasn't as fun as Booky.

Bookish was first used in 1566 and is defined as:

1. of or related to books

2. fond of books and reading

3. given to literary or scholarly pursuits; also : affectedly learned

Synonyms include erudite, learned and literary.

How about that?!

If you would like to check out other bookishness on Rogers Park in 1,000 Words, check out the rubble of the North Shore School which was demolished with several libraries of books inside.