Friday, August 13, 2010

Brazil in Chicago: A Tribute to Breno Sauer at Mayne Stage

In the late 70’s early 80’s and beyond, “Made in Brasil” which later became “Som Brasil” delighted Chicago music lovers with energetic and fascinating Brazilian Jazz.

Made in Brazil (Som Brasil Band) is Neusa Sauer’s happy, beautiful vocals and husband Breno Sauer’s sophisticated and brilliant keyboards. In the beginning Paulinho Garcia, now Chicago’s first call guitarist singer of Brazilian Music, played bass, Geraldo de Oliveria percussion and Dede Sampaio drums. The rhythm section changed but Neusa and Breno Sauer were and are Made in Brasil.

Saturday Aug 14th we honor pianist Breno Sauer with an evening of Brazil Chicago all stars. Paulinho Garcia says: "A rare chance to see and hear the group that started everything."

Set 1: Opening the show will be Luciano Antonio's Copacabana Trio with Neusa Sauer vocals and Geraldo de Oliveria percussion

Singer guitarist composer Luciano Antonio is delighting fans of Brazilian Music with his fresh, creative and innovative sound. The music of Jobim, Toquinho and other giants of Brazilian music blended with originals that grow from that rich musical soil. Neusa Sauer’s vocals and Geraldo de Oliveria’s percussion blend with Luciano to make the warm sounds of The Copacabana Trio. Luciano Antonio’s Quintet features the great Rob Block on guitar, Eddie Gerber bass, Felipe Fraga drums, Geraldo de Oliveira percussion.

Set 2:

Paulinho Garcia is Chicago’s most in demand Brazilian musician. His warm easy voice and beautiful guitar have made Paulinho Garcia a Chicago and world favorite. Paulinho begins set 2 solo and than is joined by Sax and Flute master Greg Fishman for the music of their group, Two For Brazil. Paulinho will continue set 2 and be joined by 3 Brazilian percussion masters,Dede Sampaio, Heitor Garcia and Geraldo de Oliveria. Expect a Brazilian percussion explosion!

Set 3: Made in Brasil

Reunited for the first time in years, Neusa Sauer vocals, Breno Sauer at the Mayne Stage 9 foot Steinway, Paulinho Garcia bass, Dede Sampaio drums and Gerald de Oliveria percussion. Please join us for a night of joy through music, Brazilian style.

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