Sunday, August 8, 2010

Helicopter searches Rogers Park

I have been voluteering at several group homes in Rogers Park recently. Some of the higher functioning residents have also seen this helicopter and told me that they believe the helicopter is some kind of government conspiracy or someone from Washington DC spying on them.

I did my fact checking and found that this helicopter is a tourist helicopter that also conducts aerial photography and videography.

I'm planning on booking a tour over Rogers Park as soon as I can!


I was encountered by a reader who believes that every helicopter flying over the Lake is either police, fire fighter or military.

Further more, this reader attempted to encourage me to contact Alderman Joe Moore to complain about the noise level and altitude of the helicopters.

There are a few things that I have to say about this...

1. I enjoy the helicopters and their sound so I won't be complaining about them. I view them as a photo/video opportunity right outside of my window. I once waved to one, and they waved back!

2. Alderman Joe Moore is not going to do anything about the helicopters. He does not have the power to do so and wouldn't if he did have the power unless you paid him well over a thousand dollars.

3. Assumption is the mother of all F-ups. I hear from people all the time who assume this and that about everything from neighbors to politics to personal motives. To assume that there are no tourist helicopters over Rogers Park or that the only helicopters over Rogers Park are government is an absolute statement. Nothing is absolute. The only constant is change. Assumptions make the assumer look like an ass.

4. Despite all of that, I thank you for your readership. I also thank you for contacting me about this issue.

- Bill Morton

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