Sunday, August 8, 2010

Life is too short

... To be bitter.

I have had great times and horrible times in Rogers Park.

Throughout my roughly ten years of living in Rogers Park, I have always taken some time each day to appreciate this unique neighborhood. I feel that it is important when living in Rogers Park to take a walk along the beach, enjoy an Indian breakfast on Devon Avenue or just take some photos of life happening to temporarily step away from the tragedies and misfortunes that happen to people every day.

Tonight I enjoyed the beach and dug up some video footage of a great bonfire at Sherwin on the Lake with some of my closest friends.

If you stay holed-up in your apartment like a hermit 24/7, you are missing the best that Rogers Park has to offer.

My suggestions, for what they are worth, go out after work, take off your shoes on the beach to wade. Check out those million dragonflies in the sky or walk your dog for a little bit longer.

This can go a long way as far as mental health in a bloggy, diverse/divided community where politics and common sense clash on a daily basis.

Here are the videos that I mentioned earlier of a great evening in Rogers Park:

Make no mistake, fighting the good fight for what you believe in is essential, but don't forget to enjoy living in Rogers Park every day.

- Bill Morton

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