Friday, April 8, 2011

Broken Heart of Rogers Park

Broken Heart of Rogers Park Screenshot of The "Broken Heart" of Rogers Park this morning.

I've received a lot of questions and comments regarding Craig Gernhardt's The Broken Heart of Rogers Park today. I haven't spoke with Craig today, so I can't tell you what is going on this time.

I can show you what happened last time:

Thursday, August 16, 2007



Hugh said...

Perhaps Craig shut it down while he searches for a Rogers Park bar that hasn't banned him yet?

jeffo said...

I do hope the Broken Heart comes back online. But in some ways I dont think that Rogers Park has a broken heart anymore.

With the clearing out of the Block Building and subsequent rehab into Reside on Morse, Mayne Stage reopened, the Morse Streetscape completed and all the new businesses on Morse and new artwork on the EL bridge and up and down glenwood and morse.

The heart of rogers park isnt broken.

What is still messed up is Howard.
What I think Howard needs is a coffee shop, a new streetscape and the Wisdom Bridge Building to be built and a few more large commercial and apartment buildings to be rehabbed and Howard will be a whole different story.

Bill Morton said...

I doubt that Craig shut down the Broken Heart perminently.

After so many years, it is unlikely that he would simply erase his body of work.

Hugh said...

It doesn't strike me as surprising when you consider that Crazy Craig started his blog to address the ongoing failurs of Joe Moore and his lack of leadership and impact in Rogers Park.

It seems, however, that Crazy Craig's Gay Chicago Magazine is on the verge of failure. In an act of desperation, he took advertising money from Joe during the last election. Joe certainly knew what he was doing, because his purchase of one cheesy ad pretty much precluded Crazy Craig from further criticizing him.

Crazy Craig even went so far as to openly support Joe on his blog.

Therefore, Crazy Craig's blog has no more purpose. Kinda' like Crazy Craig himself.

floss said...

Craig selflessly devoted enormous time and energy to his blog for the betterment of our neighborhood. God only knows the hurtful verbal assaults he endured which he didn't publish. He kept going for all of us neighbors.

Thank you for all of that craziness, Craig.

con said...

Hey all, just wondering if anyone know if the 'broken heart' is up again or how i get invited?

Bill Morton said...

I checked the Broken Heart of Rogers Park again today. It has been closed since early April 2011, and still closed today.

I could say quite a bit about why Craig stopped, as I was working with him daily at the time.

I will write about it in detail sometime soon.

lafew said...

I've noticed the same. The articles are no longer accessible and access is limited. Does Craig still live in Rogers Park? Craig?

Bill Morton said...

Craig still lives in Rogers Park.