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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lost Eras

Lost Eras 1511 West Howard Street Chicago, IL 60626

Lost Eras has been providing Costumes, Props, Make-up and Scenery to Theaters and Film-Makers since 1969. Our clientele includes famous venues such as The Steppenwolf Theatre and The Goodman Theatre. We also cater to College, High School and Elementary school drama departments as well as local Theatre Houses right here in the American Midwest!



Anonymous said...

Good to see the arts district alive and well in Rogers PArk.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Anon Im not sure how that is a relevant comment. This isnt in an arts district. Would be nice if it was.

Its on Howard, which is well
a place that has alot of potential, but really just barebones ghetto stores.

Atleast the pawnshop is all gussied up and the Caribbean Bakery is redone, Lakeside Cafe is cool and Lost Eras, then Round the Clock Liquors is better, 415 Howard Luxury Apts on the Evanston side. the Gateway Plaza is decent,
otherwise the rest of Howard is ghetto.

Very cool store however.
Havent been in for awhile, its a dangerous store for me because I do tend to buy something when Im there.