Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lakeside Treasures - New location

Lakeside TreasuresLakeside Treasures has moved from it's Sheridan Road location to join the businesses of Jarvis Square.



jeffo said...

Better Location I think,
Looks cool, for some reason it reminds me of the chinese junk shop in the Gremlins.

jeffo said...

Ok neigborhood update bangers gds were at minimall at morse and wayne last nite 7pm. This am brazers 9am at nicos gyros at morse and wayne.

The 1239 w pratt site was finally dealt with. It was swept clean. Good sized dumpster filled with mainly plant debris. So I did about half the work and so did they. Fine. Glad its done.

jeffo said...

Just because Broken Heart shut down doesnt mean that the fight for morse and wayne is over.

Craig just doesnt care anymore because the bangers arent on his side of the street anymore.
Well Im not okay with them on my side of the street.