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Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweet Attila's

Sweet Attila's

Sweet Attila's
6981 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL. 60626



Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Theres the new bakery......

Very active night and day at wayne and farwell.
Ive called the cops 3 or 4 times so far.

Gangbangers, Loud Homeless people.
Drug dealers using Psych Patients as Cover. The new Psych patient at threshold grais arent so good this year. They are squirelly. One guy is young and has really really messed up hair.

I guess this is a sneak preview of the summer. But Im hoping to nip this in the bud.
Im going all the buildings on wayne on the west side of the street from farwell to pratt.
That is where all the badness is coming from now.

Am I the only one seeing the craziness today?

Anonymous said...

Jeff, maybe you should just video the action then post to youtube and email it to the police.

Anonymous said...

I hope this new bakery has a Gluten Free selection.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

*Oops Im going to talk to all the building managers at on wayne on the westside.

*The new psych patients....

I guess sweet attilas was an online store and also at farmers markets.

I had to call the cops yesterday as well on drugdealers at Wayne and Farwell.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Again, Im very glad that Morse is better, its putting pressure on this corner alot again.
The North side of Morse used to be the pits, Once Reside on Morse and Mayne Stage reopened. BOOOOOM!
South side of Morse and back to farwell huge amount of nutso activity. Its better, but didnt expect quite this much activity.

The drug dealers are very very very persistent. Everyone wants to take a crack at it.

Wayne and Farwell.

I think this corner has been through hell.
The problem with it is you have a lonely two flat and 3 apt buildings. Apparently many times the tenants arent calling in.

Too many nonowner occupied buildings on Wayne. Couple that with the slumlord 6921, the Wayne Senior Building 6928 and the Threshold Grais building and the neredowells inbetween.....

There are better tenants however and the owners are trying a bit harder. The worse part now is that solid block of buildings on the west side of wayne from farwell to pratt. A bastion of badness one of many left in Rogers Park, or rather a fortress of forlon.

Anonymous said...

A new pastry/bakery shop in Rogers Park may entice early risers to stop in and boost their glucose levels. Hope they have good coffee to match. If the prices are desent I may expand my dining selection with dinner meals to include fresh breads and rolls.

Anonymous said...

PECAN ROLLS, PECAN ROLLS, PECAN ROLLS, PECAN ROLLS, I truly hope they have Pecan Rolls!

Bill Morton said...

Checked out the Sweet Attila's yelp link and found the following:

History - Established in 2010

Founded by Laura Soncrant on the principle that everyone should be able to enjoy amazing cookies, Sweet Attila's has evolved to offer a variety of cookies made with a variety of ingredients.

After being diagnosed with a number of food allergies in 2006, Laura has learned to bake with alternate ingredients out of necessity and has spent the last four years re-perfecting all of her favorite cookie recipes.

Whether you order cookies made with traditional ingredients or alternative ingredients or whether you order cookies as a gift or for yourself, Sweet Attila's guarantees you will enjoy a remarkable treat.

I wonder if Sweet Attila's uses nuts at all considering that they are a very common allergy.

Philip McGregor Rogers said...

Better today.
Almost had to be.

Fire Alarm at Psych Facility Threshold Grais at around 11am or noon.

Apparently the standard operating procedure is then to have everyone hangout at ...... Wayne and Farwell.

At first I was like, WTF?
Then I saw the fire engines.
They dispersed in an orderly fashion about thirty minutes later.

Otherwise not much other than a very huge crowd of riled up
AA bangers one of them loudly rhyming "nword this and nword that"
as they headed east.