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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

There are so many things to see

You should go out and look sometime.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christmas Before Thanksgiving?

Welcome Back George!

Rogers Park
You may recognize this man as George the Pumpkin Man, but Halloweens over ...

And George is back with Christmas Trees.

First Snow, Thanksgiving morning.

Happy Thanksgiving.


First of all, I'm thankful for my family and close friends.

I'm thankful for my small apartment in one of the nicest vintage buildings in Rogers Park.

I'm thankful for my job, which is a constant project, that I get paid to do ... and I like projects.

I'm thankful for my opportunities and adventures: Adelphi, CGHG, Chicago Special Events Management, IAJE, Kate Smith Promotions, Quest ... and many, many more.

Let's hope that there are more positive sights to photograph this Winter.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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Recent Keyword Activity

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November 15th, 2007

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Appreciation for Great Architecture

Adelphi Theater The Adelphi Theater was featured in Architectural Digest

The following is a list of Flickr groups on Architecture.

Notice the best and the worst examples of architecture on these groups,

Then, notice the best and worst of what you see in Rogers Park.

Architecture129-Arquitectura del Mundo:

1903 Building Dates:

1950s Interior Design & Residential Architecture:

1960s Interior Design & Residential Architecture:

1960s Tower Blocks & Architecture:

1970s Architecture & Design:

1980s Interior Design & Residential Architecture:

5 FAV Buildings:


Adult Books and Video (exteriors):

AIA 150: America's Favorite Architecture:

Air Traffic Control Towers:


Ambiente Medieval:


Anglo-Saxon Architecture:


Any Towers:


Arabic & Mughal Architecture:



Architects Anonymous:

Architectural Abstraction:

Architectural Contrast:

Architectural Details:

Architectural Details & Decorative Elements:

Architectural Drawing / Croquis:

Architectural Drawings:

Architectural Ensembles:

Architectural Equilibrium:

Architectural Interiors:

Architectural Paparazzi:

Architectural Photography:

Architectural Visualizations:


Architecture / 建築:

Architecture, 1400-1900:

Architecture & Buildings:

Architecture and Criticism:

Architecture and Forms:

Architecture and Other Edifices:

Architecture Art:

Architecture at it's Best:

Architecture-Building & Construction:

Architecture Buildings in the World:

Architecture (Clean Shots):

Architecture Crit Space:

Architecture Duett - Architekture Duett:

Architecture in Europe: in Pixels:

Architecture is Life:

Architecture of Old:

Architecture Masterpieces:

Architecture Models:

Architecture Nature:

Architecture Porn:



Architecture Travellers:




architettura e città:


Archive Architectures:

Arqueología - Industrial - Archaeology:


Arquitectura Urbana:

Art Deco:


Art Nouveau:

Bad Architecture:




Barns and Farms:

Barns & Silos:

Barns, Sheds and Other Rustic Rural Buildings:


Beautiful Ceilings:

Beautiful Houses & Villas:

Beaux Arts Architecture:


Big Old Buildings / Interesting Architecture:

Bodegas, Groceries and Corner Stores:

Brick and Stone Architecture:

Bricks of Glass:


Bridge Details:


Bridges Across:

Bridges and Tunnels:

Bridges at Night:

Bridges of the World:

Bridging the Gap:

Brutalist Architecture:

Building Conservation:


Burgtürme / Castle Towers:


Campus (Universität, Hochschule, Akademie):

Campus Architecture:


Castles from the World:

Cinema Architecture:


City Hall:

City Phallus Symbols-Towers of Mass Entertainment:

Classic Skyscrapers:

Classical Antiquity, Art & Architecture:

Classical Architecture:

Colonial Architecture & Cities:

Colonial Rot:

Columns and Columns:

Concert Halls:

Concrete Architecture:

Contemporary Architecture:

Cooling Towers:


Covered Bridges:

Craftsman Bungalow:


Dams and Spillways:


Decorative Paraphernalia:

Designer Hotels:

Details of Modern Architecture:

Domes in Architecture:

Doors Open-Architectural Tours and Open Houses:



Dry Stone Walls:

Drydocks, Ships, Tugboats:


Eccentric Houses:

Edificios / Building:

elegance in art, graphics & design:

Esculturas e Arquitectura:

Essence of Hogwarts:

European Reformations:

European Wooden Architecture (No-Half-Timber):





Famous Architecture:


Fire Lookout Towers:

Flatirons, Wedged Buildings:

Flickr Favorite Architecture Photographers:

Flintstone Architecture:

Floodlit Buildings:

Football Grounds:

Former Theatres:

Fortress of the World:


fotografia, arquitetura & urbs:


Frederick Law Olmsted Parks:

Functionalism, Architecture & Interior:

Garden Follies:

Garden Lanterns:


Gates, Gates, Gates:

Geodesic Dome Research:

Geometry in Architecture:

Georgian Architecture:

Glass Architecture:

Glasfassaden- Glass Facades:

Gothic Architecture:

Gothic Art & Architecture:

Gothic Revival:

Government Buildings:

Grain Elevators:

Grand Designs:


Green Buildings + Sustainable Communities:

Hewn and Hammered:

High Rise Buildings:

Historic Bridges:

Historic Homes:

Historic Preservation:

Historic Watermills:

Historical Buildings:


Houses and Homes:

Houses and Houses:

If these walls could talk...:

Images of Buildings, Old & New:


Indian Mounds:

Industry Architecture:

Industrial Culture:

Interior Architecture:

International Spectacular Architecture:

International Style:

Jugendstil-Art Nouveau:

Landscape Architecture / Landscape Design:

Landscape Architecture (designer's references):

Left Turn for Daedalus:

Light in Architecture:

Lighthouse Lovers:


Lighthouses of the World:


Little Palaces: Cabins:

LOMO Buildings:

Lowrise Architecture:

Luxury Hotels:

Manmade Structures:

Manor Houses in Europe:


Marked Entrances:


Masjid (Mosque):


Medieval Architecture & Art:



Metro / Subway:

MidCentury Architecture (Non-Residential):

MidCentury Modern Art & Design:

Mines and Mining:


Modernist Houses:




Moorish / Moresque:


Mosaic of Buildings and Landscape:

Mosques and Muslim Architecture:


Movie Palaces:

Movie Theatres:

Mud, Wood and Grass Huts:

Natural Building:


New Architecture:


Octagon Houses & Other Curious Buildings:

Old Bars, Clubs & Cocktail Lounge Exteriors:

Old Bridge Long Forgotten:

Old Facades / Oud Gevels:

Old Fountains:

Old Structures:

Old urban stables / carriages houses:

Opera Houses and Theatres:

Ordinary Architecture:

Ornamental Art:

Ottoman and Seljuk Architecture:

Out of this World Buildings:



Palaces, Castles, Towers, Pagodas, Fortresses And Ruins of Old:

Palladian Architecture:

Park it, A Study of Garages:

Parking Garage:

Parliament Buildings:

Patrimonio de la Humanidad:

Pedestrian Bridges:



Populated Architecture:

Power Stations:

Post-1940 Art Deco:

Prisons, Fortresses, Deserted Islands:

Public Housing Project:

Public Transport:

Puertas y Ventanas Antiguas:


Radars, Radio Telescopes, Etc.:

Radio Tower:

Railroad Bridges:


Railway and all things around:

Railway Stations:

Real Estate:

Red Barns:

Red Brick Buildings:

Resorts & Hotels:

Retail Design:

Retro Modern Architecture & Design:

Romanesque Architecture & Paintings:

Round Barns & Unusual Silos:

Ruins from India:

Salt Works:

Second Empire Architecture:

Shopping Centers and Malls:

Sinister Architecture:

Sky and Architecture-Great Pics:


Skyscrapers from Skyscrapers:


Sorsi di Architettura:

Space & Place, Urban Design:


Standing Stones:


Stately Homes, Palaces & Castles:

Stave Churches:

Steel and Glass Canyons:

Steel Structures of Railway Stations:


Stupid Architecture & Town Planning:

Streamline Moderne Architecture:

Structure under Construction (now)- Konstruktion im Bau (jetzt):



Television Towers:


Temples, Shrines & Castles of Japan:


The Amsterdam School:

The Ancient World:

The Archi-photographical Oasis:

The Beauty in the Detail:

The Bridge:

The Great Mississippi Bridge Project:

The Pritzker Price on Flickr:

The Tower Group:

The Unconscious Art of Demolition:

Theatre Marquees:


Timber Architecture:

Tower Block:


Train Stations:

Train Stations-The Older the Better:

train stations -+- gares -+- bahnhöfe:

Transmitter Porn:

Tropical Architecture:





Ugly Architecture:

Ugly Building Transformation:

Uncovered Architecture:

Undergrounds and Subways:

Undertakers, Funeral Parlors, Mortuaries, &c : Everywhere:

Urban Adaptation:

Urban Fragments:

Vernacular Architecture:

Vertical / Senkrecht Manmade Structures:

Victorian Interior Design & Residential Architecture:

Victorian Architecture:

Victorian Style Homes:


Vinyl Record Stores:

Virtual Architecture:

War Memorials:

Wartime Defences:


Wells. fountains. springs:

Wind Turbines & Wind Farms:


Windmills and Whirligigs:

Wire Towers:

World Federation of Great Towers:

xperimental architecture:

Zen Gardens:

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Apartment Decay Continues

Rogers Park
Rogers Park Rogers Park
Rogers Park slumlord continues to insist that it will fix itself when it dries.

The Toxicity of Lead Paint:

Although lead improves paint performance, it is a dangerous substance. It is especially damaging to children under age six whose bodies are still developing.

Lead causes nervous system damage, hearing loss, stunted growth, reduced IQ, and delayed development. It can cause kidney damage and affects every organ system of the body. It also is dangerous to adults, and can cause reproductive problems in adult men.

One myth related to lead-based paint is that the most common cause of poisoning was eating leaded paint chips. In fact, the most common pathway of childhood lead exposure is through ingestion of lead dust through normal hand-to-mouth contact during which children swallow lead dust dislodged from deteriorated paint or leaded dust generated during remodeling or painting. Lead dust from remodeling or deteriorated paint lands on the floor near where children play and can ingest it. -Wikipedia

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Rogers Park Wildlife

Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Rogers Park

Quick Opossum Facts

Frequently Asked Questions - Opossum Problems and Solutions

I found an orphaned or injured opossum. What should I do?

How do I locate a wildlife rehabilitator?

Are opossums related to rats?

Can I keep an opossum as a pet?

Can I raise a baby opossum and release it into the wild myself?

I have been raising an opossum since it was a baby. Now it can’t walk. What is wrong?

There is an opossum in my yard. What do I do?

There is an opossum in my house or garage. What do I do?

How do I keep opossums out of my home and garage?

There is an opossum in my attic or under my house or deck. What do I do?

How do I trap and relocate an opossum?

I saw an opossum on the road. What should I do?

I think there is a dead opossum in my yard. What do I do?

How do I prevent an opossum from drowning in my pool?

Opossums make my dog bark!

Opossum Pooping in yard

My dog kills opossums. What can I do?

A neighbor kills or tortures animals. What can I do?

I see an opossum sharing a food dish with my cat. Is this normal?

Will opossums attack my pets?

Will an opossum bite my children?

Opossums eat the fruit off my trees. How can I stop them?

I think opossums are digging holes in my roof or yard.

If opossums are nocturnal then why do I see one in the day?

What sounds do opossums make?

Do opossums carry rabies?

Can I get a disease from an opossum?

How can I become a wildlife rehabilitator?

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Chicago Police on the Search in Rogers Park

They are everywhere.

Flashing blue lights along Sheridan Road.




At one point they blocked Jarvis.

Then they blocked Southbound Sheridan with thier police cars.

They are still buzzing around like bees right now.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

CTA Graffiti

Broken Windshield on Chase Avenue

Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Rogers Park

Worse than Crack Tennies

What's worse than Crack Tennies in your Alley?

Rogers Park Rogers Park

A dead bird with it's feathers torn off, where the crack tennies once hung from the wire.

Rogers Park Research at the Newberry Library

I visited the Newberry Library today to do some research on Rogers Park history.

Newberry Library
Newberry Library

Newberry Library
Newberry Library
Newberry Library
Newberry Library
Newberry Library

My studies included the following:

P. Traces Boots & Shoes
4843 Clark Street (later 7048 N. Clark Street)

J.F. Ure Rogers Park Dairy
7527 N. Clark Street

Joseph Ebert
The Joseph Ebert Tavern
3563 Ridge (later 6666 N. Ridge Blvd.)

K.G. Schmidt Bottled Beer

The Karthauser Inn

Allgauer's Fireside

Grassfield's on Ridge

Peter Muno

4113 Ridge (later 7504 N. Ridge Blvd.)

St. Henry Church (built 1851)

Patrick Leonard Touhy

General Phil Sheridan

General Sherman

Carter H. Harrison

Bishop DeKoven

North Shore News

The Land Company

George Pratt

John V. Farwell

Luther L. Greenleaf

Stephen P. Lunt

George Estes

Charles H. Morse

The Oaks Mansion
5008 Clark (later 7339 N. Clark Street)

The Meat Market

Dr. W.D. Clark

The Rogers Park Village Board

Rogers Park Water Company

St. Henry's School at the Angel Guardian Orphanage

West Side Schoolhouse

East Side Schoolhouse

The Grand Avenue

Eugene Field Elementary School

Calvary Cemetery

Rogers Park School

The Rogers Park Tollgate and Gatekeeper's House

The Big Ditch

The Luxembourg Brotherhood

The Winandy Brothers

The Cumberland Post

The Grand Army of the Republic

Post 737

Julius Soerns

Birchwood Country Club (later North Shore School)

The Hillside

North Chicago Street Railroad

The Rogers Park Post Office

The Rogers Park Police

The 45th Precinct

P. Weimeschkirch Undertaking and Livery
4861 Clark (later 7066 N. Clark Street)


Arnold Avenue

Sheridan Place