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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rogers Park graffiti feature on WYCC, Chicago

Check out my thoughts on New Gang Gang Graffiti in Rogers Park on The Northwestern Newscast, this Sunday at 11:30pm in Chicago on WYCC Channel 20

Relevant link: North Howard Neighbors Association: MUST HEAR & VIEW

Friday, January 30, 2009

Asking Citgo Employees about gas station Graffiti

Check out my thoughts on Graffiti in Rogers Park on Channel 6 in Evanston tonight at 6:30 or 10:00pm. The Newscast also airs Sunday at 11:30pm in Chicago on WYCC Channel 20.

Relevant Link: North Howard Neighbors Association: MUST HEAR & VIEW

The Morgan at Loyola Station video

This video promoting The Morgan at Loyola does not accurately portray Rogers Park.

What kind of Fantasy-Land are these people in?

The Morgan at Loyola Station
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Remember... Maureen Flowers for Valentine's Day

Get your loved ones flowers for Valentine's Day.

Do one better, and purchase your flowers at local Rogers Park florist Maureen Flowers.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Adelphi Theater of Rogers Park

Adelphi Theater
7070-78 N. Clark Street
Chicago, IL. 60626

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Plaza on the Lake

Rogers Park photo of 7301 N. Sheridan Road
taken on Thursday, July 12, 2001, 8:40:02 PM

Who remembers this?

Rogers Park Rogers Park Rogers Park Rogers Park

Rogers Park

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Faces from the Parlour...

Quest Network Services

Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Rogers Park

Pride Of The 49th Ward!

A quote from Joe Moore's website "He is a full-time alderman who puts in long hours to ensure he and his staff provide quality service and advocacy for all the residents, businesses and other stake-holders in the 49th Ward. A fighter for peace and justice, Joe works hard to maintain a diverse and vibrant community where everyone has a voice in decisions that affect them."

Peace and Justice! Let's not forget the recent stabbings that occurred on his block. Crime is on the rise, and you are working full time and you can't stop it? My Grandfather was an Alderman, and back in his time, he had a regular job and was still able to serve the citizens of his town. Are you too good to work along side the common man! Of course why would you, when you have a recession proof job, that pays you $100 grand a year, plus whatever you get in donations. Also, I'd like to add that Joe Moore's inability to save a Rogers Park Icon "The Adelphi Theater" in spite of a grass roots organization of Roger Park , who wanted to preserve this Rogers Park gem and offered to buy it. Instead, Joe Moore catered to the Greedy Land Developers, and now what is left is this dangerous gang playground, graffiti and junk filled pit where this fine Landmark "The Adelphi" used to exist. So you don't listen and serve all the citizens of Rogers Park. See citizen video here,

For comment, and concerns please feel free to contact your 49th Ward Alderman by clicking on the Link below.

Another perspective of Village North Theatre Closing

"With the economy tanking and alderman Joe Moore's continuing neglect of his ward's business climate, it's surprising the place lasted as long as it did. A company says it has plans to renovate and reopen, but I'm not holding my breath. Between Tivo, NetFlix, and Turner Movie Classics, I'm not lacking in access to the great films of the past. Still, it was nice having a place like Village North in the neighborhood". - Read more at: Village North Theater Closed - G.L.I. Press

Revelvant link: Historic Village North Theatre in Rogers Park closes - Chi Town Daily News
Relevant link: Village North Theater -

RP1000 is #9 this morning of Most Active Chicago Blogs

It's not the biggest deal, but it's always a neat surprise to check out our rankings on and

Maureen Flowers on

flowers flowers flowers flowers flowers flowers
Maureen Flowers
7237 N. Sheridan Road
Chicago, Il. 60626
773 764-6400

Check out her review, and rate her Rogers Park business here:

Jarvis Station Warning

Rogers Park

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jarvis Station

Rogers ParkRogers ParkRogers ParkRogers ParkRogers ParkRogers Park

Let's improve our community! We can do better!

- Bill Morton

Clark Street In Rogers Park's 49th Ward

Real nice Joe...Real nice! Makes me want to live and shop here!

Rogers Park

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rogers Park woman dies in fire at 6830 N. Sheridan Road

An East Rogers Park woman was killed overnight after a fire broke out in her apartment.The Cook County medical examiner's office identified her as Patricia Allen, and said she was in her 50s.Firefighters responded to the four-story apartment building at 6830 N. Sheridan at 12:30 a.m. The fire chief said the fire was limited to a single apartment on the second floor, where Allen's body was found.

"There was very little fire at all. Our guys did a good job, did the best they could, but she was already dead," Chicago Fire Chief James Thompson said at the scene. "We're still investigating the cause, but we did find smoking materials around where she was, and that may have something to do with it," he said.

Read more here: Woman dies in North Side apartment fire - CLTV Breaking NEWS

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

Never "Get Over It"

Here here, Mr. Morton. I can't get over it either

jackiejaeger, I do not believe that we should get over it.

The demolition of the Adelphi Theater was not only a tragedy that destroyed culture, history and architectural beauty in Rogers Park.

Alderman Joe Moore's blind support of the demolition shows his lack of screening and research of developers who are altering our community. This particular developer has a long history of foreclosures and unfinished projects.

These misinformed decisions have created a pattern of unsecure demolition sites throughout our neighborhood.

Developer donations of thousands of dollars to the Citizens for Joe Moore organization only fuels this real issue.

Getting over it allows career politicians like Joe Moore to keep getting re-elected year after year. He banks on the general public being unconcerned or complacent about earlier issues by election day, which allows this behavior to continue for an extended four years.

Read more here: Adelphi Theater Update

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Adelphi Theater

Why, I ask, in good conscience, would anyone destroy this:

The Top Tiles of the now-DEMOLISHED Adelphi Theater , Clark and Estes

Friday, January 16, 2009

So long Village North Theatre

"The Village North Theatre was an asset to the community and provided cinema, culture and commerce to a part of Sheridan Road that really needed it," says Bill Morton, 31. "It was a part of our lives for a very long time, and the students, neighbors and Rogers Park community will miss it dearly."

Read more at Historic Village North Theatre in Rogers Park closes - Chi Town Daily News

Relevant link:

Finally, some warming centers

Thank you Chicago Department of Human Services, Chicago Public Libraries and Chicago Park District for providing these warming locations. Thank you LORRAINE SWANSON for the heads up.

The Chicago Department of Human Services has opened its North Side warming center at 4740 N. Sheridan for people who need refuge from the extreme cold weather. The center, which you can reach at 312-744-2580, is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. For transportation to the center, call 311.

Also open to anyone needing a warm place to spend the day are the following libraries and park district buildings:

Sulzer branch, 4455 N. Lincoln
Uptown branch, 929 W. Buena
Edgewater branch, 1210 W. Elmdale
Rogers Park branch, 6907 N. Clark
Margate Field House, 4921 N. Marine
Loyola Park, 1230 W. Greenleaf
Warren Park, 6601 N. Western
Willye B. White Park (formerly Gale School Park), 7631 N. Ashland

The city is asking residents to also call 311 if they spot a homeless person outside during the dangerous cold and to check on elderly relatives and neighbors.

If you are renting and experiencing a cold or unheated apartment, call the Chicago Department of Buildings at 311. The buildings department will send out an inspector for a heat inspection; landlords are subject to fines.

The city requires landlords to adequately maintain the heat in their rental buildings. From Sept. 15 to June 1, building owners are required to provide the following temperatures for their tenants: 68 degrees from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. and 66 degrees from 10:30 p.m. to 8:30 a.m.

A National Weather Service wind chill warning remains in effect until noon Friday. Mercury readings as of 10 a.m. Friday morning along the city's far north lakefront were -8 degrees, with a -20 wind chill reading.

Rock N Roll

Rock N Roll of Rogers Park at Leone Park Beach

Rock N Roll of Rogers Park at Quest Network Services

Bill Morton and Rock N Roll of Rogers Park at Triangle Park

Rock N Roll of Rogers Park with Marie, owner of Rogers Bark

Thank youRock N Roll of Rogers Park with friends at Sherwin on the Lake

More on Rock N Roll of Rogers Park can be found here.

Some additional areas of interest for the Rogers Park community on RP1000 include:

147 Outer Drive Express

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Adelphi Theater

Albion Avenue

Arthur Avenue

Ashland Avenue

Beach bonfires

Beat 2422

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Bill Morton

Bill Morton Promotions

Bill's Digital Photos

Birchwood Avenue

Bosworth Avenue

Buffalo Joe's

Burr Tillstrom

Cafe Society


Caribbean American Bakery

Charmers Cafe

Chase Avenue

China Hut

Clark Devon Hardware

Clark Street


Devon Avenue

Devon Market

Enjoying the beach

Estes Avenue

Fargo Avenue

First Commercial Bank

Flatts and Sharpe Music Company

Gateway Senior Apartments

Good morning

Good News Community Kitchen

Greenleaf Avenue

Grill Inn

Gruppo di Amici

Hartigan Beach

Hermitage Avenue

Howard Station

Howard Street

J.B. Alberto's

Jarvis Avenue

Jarvis Grill and Wok

Jarvis Station

Jonquil Terrace

Joseph J. Gentile Center

Juneway Terrace

Lake Michigan

Lakeside CDC

Lakewood Avenue


Leonard Dubkin Park

Lifeline Theatre

Lightning storms

Loyola University

Loyola University Ramblers

Lunt Avenue

Madonna della Strada Chapel

Mayne Stage

Morse Avenue

Morse Station

Newgard Avenue

North Howard Neighbors Association

North of Howard area

North Shore School

Norshore Theater


Paulina Street

Poitin Stil

Pratt Blvd.

Quest Network Services

Ridge Blvd.

Robert's Cycle

Rogers Bark

Rogers Park Builders Group

Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce

Rogers Park Community Council

Rogers Park Garden Group

Rogers Park Presbyterian Church

Rogers Park sunrises over the Lake

Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society

Sam Leone Beach

Sam Leone Pier

Shambhala Meditation Center

Sheridan Road

Sherwin Avenue

Sherwin on the Lake

Soo Liquors

Taste Food and Wine

Tax-Increment financing

The Armadillo's Pillow

The Common Cup

The Growling Rabbit

The Lighthouse

The Parlor

Touhy Avenue

Tweedle Press

Ultimate Soccer Chicago

United Church of Rogers Park

V-Tone Fitness

Willye B. White Park

Willye B. White Park Advisory Council

Willye B. White Recreation Center

Winthrop Avenue

Wisdom Bridge Theatre


Thursday, January 15, 2009

- 5

It is now -5 degrees.
High temperature for today may reach 0 degrees.
Low temperature for today may reach -12 degrees.

Where are the heated buses for the homeless people living in Rogers Park?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rogers Park Painting at the Library Speaks 1000 Words

If the Adelphi Theater was an insignificant eye sore that needed to be torn down, which was what Joe Moore had succeeded in doing. Then why did this artist include the Adelphi in this wonderful painting which signifies the beauty and uniqueness of Rogers Park?

The Adelphi as portrayed by an artist.

The Adelphi as portrayed by an Alderman.