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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rogers Park BizArts

I'm back from the Rogers Park BizArts meeting at the new UPS Store

... everyone was there, including Joe Moore.

Other than that, I got to meet a lot of very nice business owners.

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North Shore School - Before and After

North Shore School of Rogers Park
Wasteful demolition of the North Shore School of Rogers Park

Alderman Joe Moore Approved the Demolition of the North Shore School.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Memories of North Shore School

School play at North Shore School of Rogers Park

Mr. Morton,

Henry, my son, attended North Shore for 2 years, '95 & '96. I moved to the western suburbs because of the schools and better socialization opportunities for Henry. And mostly because Rogers Park never got better... it was dicey walking west of Sheridan Rd. on Chase. We can all thank David Orr for his Section 8 push and his lackey Moore for what's happened.

I owned 3C at 1208 W. Chase for 10 years...that beautiful old building was visible from my south windows. Tonight Henry called me from Arizona State ... he found some peers from North Shore on Facebook and emailed me a photo of the building...then I started looking around and found more of your stuff. It is devastating. And I am in tears. And Henry was saddened too. Another beautiful building gone and for ugly parking lot for an equally ugly building.

Respectfully submitted.

Mary Sopata

Mary, I will be posting some pictures of better days in a few hours ... the North Shore School play. I found these pictures in the rubble, and wanted to share. - Bill

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Another Fire on Pratt and Sheridan

Rogers Park fire at Pratt and Sheridan Road
There were about a dozen fire-trucks of every shape and size and another dozen or so police vehicles. All 155 & 147 buses were rerouted all the way over to Ashland from Morse to North Shore. Massive traffic jam on Sheridan as you can imagine.

Friday, March 14, 2008

North Shore School Demolition

Books found during the demolition of North Shore School in Rogers Park

I bumped into two gentlemen who were scoping out the North Shore School tonight. So, I brought them over to Quest, and this is what they had to say:

"I came to knowledge of the school through Coming to the site I didn't know what to expect. Upon arrival I was sickened at the site of such a beautiful building being demolished. This building should have been protected by some historical building law, but instead the greed and lust of money to make a 'parking lot' for apartment tenants presides over the common decency to leave shit alone. Sorry to see such a place go".
-disheveled observer

Books found during the demolition of North Shore School in Rogers Park

Books found during the demolition of North Shore School in Rogers Park

Books found during the demolition of North Shore School in Rogers Park

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Destruction of The North Shore School

It's a damn shame to see such a beautiful building go down.

Rogers ParkRogers Park

How would you feel, if you were a teacher that taught here and to see your classroom like this?
Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Or a student that went here to see this.....
Rogers Park Rogers Park
Rogers ParkRogers ParkRogers Park

Now lets take a look inside......

Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Rogers Park

Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Rogers Park
Rogers Park

Rogers Park

Rogers Park
They even had a bowling alley in the basement!

Save the Piano!

Rogers Park music
North Shore School demolition. Rogers Park waste.

Monday, March 10, 2008

North Shore School on

North Shore School of Rogers Park
North Shore School is a beautiful example of Rogers Park architecture and history. Also known as "the little red schoolhouse", it's property was recently purchased by a condo developer, and it's demolition is being endorsed by Alderman Joe Moore. (08/02/2007) Read more here.

The North Shore School on

North Shore School of Rogers Park

They say that the North Shore School at the end of Chase Avenue is the next Rogers Park demolition tragedy. The North Shore School is in the Rogers Park History books, and is a beautiful classic building that has contributed a lot to the community for almost 100 years. It is still in excellent condition as well. It seems they always tear down the significant ones in Rogers Park. Read more here.

Reminds me of the Granada and Adelphi Theaters

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Purchasing a condo near Touhy Park

Rogers Park bird

From a readers email:

You have an interesting blog--I just came across it because my husband and I are thinking of buying a condo in Rogers Park and I am trying to find out more about the neighborhood. We are concerned about safety because we have a 2-year-old and I am home with her a lot by myself. What do you know about the area around Touhy Park from the park east to the red line, and from Howard south to about Chase? Where do you get your information, so I can do more research on specific areas? Thanks for your concern for the neighborhood. :) - Wendy

Wendy, Touhy Park can be alright under adult supervision during the daylight hours. There is one homeless man who sleeps in the Park at night. The neighbors have attempted to assist him, but he does not want to go to the shelter. There are carvings on the wooden benches of gang symbols, mainly the Latin Kings. I haven't witnessed gang activity during the day, but have bumped into gangbangers there after dark. There is also a place called Parkside Gyros on Clark Street with a lot of graffiti behind it. (not blaming them for it obviously). On the more bizarre-side, I also found a dead bird, de-feathered and hung from it's feet on an electrical wire in the alley behind Parkside Gyros.

Hope this assists your safety and well being,

- Bill

Rogers Park bird

Petitions and phone questions unanswered by Alderman Joe Moore on North Shore School demolition

North Shore School of Rogers Park

From a readers email:

In the last 24 hours, a construction fence was erected around the North Shore School building, 1217 W. Chase Avenue. Calls to Alderman Joe Moore's office asking whether a demolition permit has been issued have gone unanswered.

Attached is a petition circulated last fall and presented to the alderman's office, asking that the building be preserved. At the time, the alderman's office indicated a school was interested in locating there. Apparently that fell through.

We will raise this issue at tomorrow's (March 8) meeting (VISIONING SESSION: North Lakefront Devon to Juneway) at Loyola Park, 1230 W. Greenleaf, sponsored by Friends of the Parks.

Such an important historic building should not be demolished! Please come Saturday and express your opinion.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Rogers Park Foreclosures in relation to FICO scores

How will your FICO score consider a foreclosure?

There's no denying that foreclosures are considered a very negative event by your FICO score. With that said, it's a common misconception that a foreclosure will make it impossible to rebuild your credit. In fact, if you keep all of your other credit obligations in good standing, there's a good chance that your FICO score could begin to rebound in just 2 years. Try to pay your auto loans, credit cards and any other credit obligations on time to limit the effect of this foreclosure.

Are other options better for my credit standing?

Recently, several alternatives to foreclosure have become popular - some of these include "short sales" and "deeds-in-lieu of foreclosure". These may be viable options for you, and you should definitely do research to determine if these options make sense for your situation. However, as far as your FICO score in concerned, there is no difference between foreclosures and short sales or deeds-in-lieu of foreclosures. Each of these actions is considered an account that was "not paid as agreed", and will have the same impact to your FICO score.

What about bankruptcy?

While both foreclosures and bankruptcies are considered very negative items by your FICO score, a foreclosure can be isolated to a single account (your mortgage account). Often, bankruptcies involve multiple accounts that are "not paid as agreed", so bankruptcies have the opportunity to be further reaching than foreclosures. However, if you're unable to pay other credit obligations in addition to your mortgage, you may need to consider bankruptcy. Here's a post on the FICO Forums that lists some good resources regarding bankruptcies.

Read more here.

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rogers Park, Images of America

I'm sure that many readers of Rogers Park in 1,000 Words have seen the book Images of America, Rogers Park for sale in Walgreens on Clark Street. In fact, it often sells out a few days after being restocked.

For those who would like more information about Images of America, Rogers Park, or would like to purchase the often sold out Images of America, Rogers Park, here is your chance.

Rogers ParkAuthor(s): Jacque Day Archer, Jamie Wirsbinski Santoro
ISBN: 0738541397
# of Pages: 128
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
On Sale Date: 01/15/2007

Book Description:
Rogers Park bears the name of Philip McGregor Rogers, an intrepid and enterprising Irish immigrant who purchased the first tract of land in the area in the 1830s, a time when it was prairie and woodland, populated by Native Americans and white birch trees. As the federal government forced the Native Americans west, European immigrants arrived in greater numbers, forming a community of woodcutters and farmers. The Great Chicago Fire ushered in an era of economic development, and in 1878, Rogers Park incorporated as a village. In 1893, the town was annexed to Chicago, becoming the city’s northernmost neighborhood along Lake Michigan. During the Roaring Twenties, Howard Street’s grand theaters, jumping nightclubs, and glitzy fashion shops drew adventure seekers by the thousands. The onset of the Depression saw the rise of an art deco skyscraper housing Mundelein College for women. In the coming decades, local movers and shakers made great strides in social justice and racial equality. Today Rogers Park is one of the most ethnically and socially diverse neighborhoods in the country.

Author Bio:
Jacque Day Archer is a producer, journalist, editor, award-winning writer, and current resident of Rogers Park. She is museum director for the Rogers Park/West Ridge Historical Society. Jamie Wirsbinski Santoro is a social and cultural ethnographer and award-winning writer. She has lived in Rogers Park for more than two decades.

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