Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vbody Power Fitness - Personal Training: The Power Of Movement

Every morning, all Spring and Summer long, Rogers Park in 1,000 Words is featuring videos by Randy at Vbody Power Fitness about conditioning your mind to strengthen your body with a variety of exercise routines.
Vbody Power Fitness is located in Rogers Park at 7301 N. Sheridan Road and these videos feature many locations around town including Sherwin Beach, Loyola Beach and others.

Randy has 10+ years of experience in the fitness industry. He has his BS in Exercise Sport Science and certified through AFAA. The highly recruited fitness professional and motivator has worked for a wide variety of well-known fitness companies and people from Wall Street to the entertainment & professional sports industry, to Fortune 500 corporations, to colleges and children groups.

"Personal Training is about empowering people to better themselves mentally and physically through fitness and health! Its not just about kicking someone ass for 60 minutes but Conditioning their minds to Strengthen there bodies! Helping the understand what ever movement does and to be the most efficient, teaching to understand how to build muscle, how to eat right, not just do cause they are told to, do to surpass the goals they set for themselves to become a better version of themselves in every way. 

 I'm thankful everyday for the people that invest in me and believe in me to take them to the goals they want and the goals they need. i thank for people how have the faith in me to ask me question about their fitness goals. My clients over my 13 years of training have help me overcome adversity and realize the power of persistence, overcome, being determine, and not waiting for it to come to them, but getting to it and making it happen! 

As a fitness professional we have a incredible beautiful job it should always be done with honor passion and respect! Don't like the gimmicks and deception enter your personal training arena! Enjoy the True Art Of Personal Training with Vbody Power Fitness". - Randy, Vbody Power Fitness

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