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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another case of corruption in the 49th Ward

I spoke with another developer last night about his company and the political corruption that follows.

I met him at a fundraiser in Lincoln Square. He told me that when working on his new building on Morse Avenue Alderman Joe Moore approached his workers and demanded the purchase of three tables (for his fundraiser), or else the building would not be completed.

While the developer was doing his business legally and within the proper zoning, he bought the three tables.

1 comment:

Bill Morton said...

While I terribly dislike developers that demolish beautiful historic, culturally significant buildings and ones that destroy our neighborhood by leaving dangerous unsecure holes in their wake... There is something to be said about developers who do their business legally and are being pressured by Alderman Joe Moore for campaign contributions under threat of being run out of town.

It's hard to take a stand when your livelihood is on the line, I'm sure, but isn't there something that can be done about this?

I've spoken with a great number of developers, and they have told me that they would run Joe out on a rail if they could, but they feel that the bully can't be beaten.

Think about it.