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Thursday, March 25, 2010

a short online chat

S: I met this woman on the Morse platform tonight, she just lost her job, shes looking to move out of her 1400 apt downtown to a 700 apt in rogers park
She said how she was worried about rogers park at night, and shes been mugged before, so shes probably not going to move to rogers park , but edgewater or andersonville instead

me: she will probably feel better in andersonville
rogers park is still rough

S: yeah, i suggested, if she has been mugged before and she still lives w/ that fear, she better try andersonville
i gave her my card, i hope she sends me an email or a connection on linkedin, she was very nice

me: it is too bad that it has to be this way in rogers park

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Bill Morton said...

The conversation went on to include 49th Ward Alderman Joe Moore and his contribution to the scary state of Rogers Park.

Even when I don't mention it, conversations about Rogers Park tend to turn out like this.