Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rogers Park View

The character of Rogers Park can be described many ways. It is what we know and love about Rogers Park. It is the personality and spirit of where we live. Examples could be the residents, the beaches or even the cobblestone street on Glenwood Avenue. The character that I am referring to in this case are landmarks of our neighborhood, the buildings from the 1920’s and earlier.

Many share my view about preserving the history and culture of Rogers Park. It is the character of the neighborhood that increases business, creates tourism and lures new residents. I would strongly support the maintenance, safety and tenancy of these buildings.

I stated my view on crime prevention earlier. I feel that we must tackle our worst issues head-on. If we are ever going to drastically reduce crime in Rogers Park, we can no longer afford to sweep the issues under the rug. We will not find a long-term solution until we acknowledge the issues.

There needs to be more support for our local businesses. I’ve worked at a local Rogers Park business for over seven years, and have seen how entrepreneurs often struggle before becoming successful. The Rogers Park Chamber of Commerce uses a well-rounded approach to supporting local business including, our Shop Local campaign, referrals, networking events and radio/television/internet/press promotional campaigns. Our businesses need to be strong and sustainable to last throughout the years. I’m all about longevity.

- Bill Morton

What are your views?

Originally posted on - Alderman for a Day

My thanks to Charlie Didrickson for posing the question.

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