Monday, February 22, 2010

It's time to revisit

Joe Moore and Rich Aronson, tearing up our neighborhood again!

Whose great idea is it to put a mixed-use building (another storefront), on empty-storefront Howard Street? Nearly every storefront in Rogers Park along Howard Street is completely empty.

You know, the condo skyscraper on Howard Street (nearly a block away), went into foreclosure shortly after it opened. What makes Rich Aronson's condos any better?

This post that I read recently, sums it up nicely:

This is the Adelphi Theater, the North Shore School and Lerner building all over again. Another dangerous eyesore hole in the ground for years and years to come.

Joe Moore has a long history of supporting fraudulent and foreclosure developers.

Just look at Swanette Triem's rush demo of the North Shore School to avoid the IEPA busting her for exposing our community to Asbestos in the air we breathe.

Remember Chad "Cedomer" Zuric, and the now defunct Golden Hands Construction corporation that demolished the Adelphi Theater and left our neighborhood with that dangerous abandoned Hole of a Mess.

Wisdom Bridge Theatre
1557-61 W. Howard Street
Chicago, IL. 60626

For more information about Joe's meeting, and where/when you should oppose this deal, please visit:

Another very important note is that, Joe Moore did not have an inspector check the land that the Wisdom Bridge Theatre stands upon.

The land directly beside it, the Lerner Hole, once was a laundry facility that contaminated the land. Because this land is contaminated, no one can build anything on it.

Ever wonder why the Lerner hole, located on Howard Street and Ashland Avenue (across from Willye B. White Park and directly next to the Wisdom Bridge Theatre), still has large equipment digging holes?

It is because no one knows how deep the contamination goes from the former laundry facility. Until the contamination is cleared, no buildings can legally be built on the property.

++Those of you at Al Goldberg properties and Jay Johnson properties have seen this++

Ask Joe and Rich Aronson about the land contamination and catch them in a jitter.

If the Wisdom Bridge Theatre is demolished, it is guaranteed to remain a dangerous hole in the ground for at least a decade. Just like the former Lerner Building Property.

Joe Moore is not looking out for the best interest of our community on this one. He has a financial stake in this deal.

Remember this plan for the Adelphi Theater property that Alderman Joe Moore presented years ago "complete with a clock tower"?

Well, Here it is now:

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OneSeedChicago said...

I used to live in RP about 12 years ago and it is sad to read that the storefronts are still empty!

Cool blog you got here.