Thursday, February 25, 2010

Physical Research of the Area

Feb 18 Bill Morton - Picasa - Public - Muted
Rogers Park - Show map Lerner Hole.jpg

Bill Morton - This is a photo of the contaminated Lerner Hole in Rogers Park at Howard Street and Ashland. I wrote a story about it here:

Feb 18 RH - Thank you so much for this info. I live directly across the street from this hole. I was told that they would be building condos on this site.

Feb 25 Bill Morton - Tell me more! I am very interested in this.

Feb 25 RH - Well I really dont know any more than that lol. Thats what I was told by a few people including my landlord when I moved into the building. The only thing I have noticed is 2 or 3 dump trucks per day coming to dump dirt in the hole. They did it for a couple of months this past fall. Since the winter I have not seen the dump trucks, but this afternoon a flatbed cam and dropped off a bulldozer at the site. I can e-mail you a couple of pics I took today of the site if you want them. 3:47 pm

Bill Morton - I would love to check out your Lerner hole pics. 6:36 pm

RH - Here are the 2 photos I snapped this afternoon. 11:09 pm

Stephanie Fitzgerald - RH, it says the photo has been removed. 11:11 pm

RH - It should be fixed now. Sorry. 11:11 pm

Stephanie Fitzgerald - Yes they are working, thanks for the photos! I think I can see Bill in the second one!! You gotta zoom in! 11:16 pm

Bill Morton - Very Awesome! Hopefully the one where you can see me, It was not when I slipped on the ice! I was seriously laughing at myself in this moment. 11:20 pm

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