Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dumping instead of digging?

Feb 25 RH - Well I really dont know any more than that lol. Thats what I was told by a few people including my landlord when I moved into the building. The only thing I have noticed is 2 or 3 dump trucks per day coming to dump dirt in the hole. They did it for a couple of months this past fall. Since the winter I have not seen the dump trucks, but this afternoon a flatbed cam and dropped off a bulldozer at the site. I can e-mail you a couple of pics I took today of the site if you want them. 3:47 pm

Does this seem like the devolopers are trying to cover up the contamination instead of removing it from the Lerner Hole?

Does the IEPA know about this?

Does the IEPA know about the possible land contamination of the Wisdom Bridge Theatre property directly next door?

I need some comments with your thoughts on this.

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