Monday, July 14, 2008

Alderman Hires Kids to Peddle City Stickers

The weather is perfect and the music is lively... do you need a city sticker by the way!? Why not buy it from the kids? Does the make and model of the car you drive determine the cost of your sticker when you pick it up from the Currency Exchange? According to the sticker vendors at the Clark Street Festival it does. I was asked if I had a Honda or Toyota, and the year. I told them what kind of car I had and they said that it would cost about $82.00. Then I asked why the make and model matters; I told them that had never affected the sticker price in the past. Then the kids said to me," I don't know, maybe it doesn't make a difference." Looks like they really didn't know what they were talking about. Were they scamming people or really just kids paid to hold up a red arrow?

This guy (below) seemed to be in control of the whole operation; he told two of the kids to leave with their signs when he saw my camera. I photographed him about forty minutes later doing push-ups for a circle of onlookers while saying," Yeah I can do it- I'll do it! (he does a set of twenty reps) See that- yeah." Like Anne Sullivan he also appeared to have been drinking quite a bit!



Boxing Tomboy said...

Hmm. . .I'm curious as to what Ms. Sullivan and the pastor of my church were talking about in that photo!

been there said...

i talked to anne sullivan at about 4 pm, and she seemed perfectly sober, and was envying me my cup of beer. she said she couldn't drink till she got off work. so, reports that she was inebriated are not true.

people who insist on dragging the level of public discourse into the sewer should expect that others will join them there. and it won't be pretty. this name calling, especially the use of the word bitch, will get people to where they don't really care what happens next, because it can't go much lower.

Bill Morton said...

been there, you are right.

It would have been more witty and appropriate to say "beer itch".

What a differnece a "B" makes!