Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome to Rogers Park: structure of decay

The crackly, chipping, peeling, old paint look of this structure goes very well with the real deal of the Jarvis El Station above it.

Here are a few questions:

Why is a "Welcome to Rogers Park" sign at this location? The Jarvis Station is hardly the beginning or the end of Rogers Park. This is nowhere near one of Rogers Parks borders to welcome anybody. Of course, I can understand a welcome sign at a transportation hub but ...

If this is a welcome sign for the Jarvis Station, why is it on the opposite side of the street from the exit/entry points of CTA commuters? It was placed in a really out of the way location for a welcome sign. You can tell by the first picture (above), that it is just between the Public Storage property and the Jarvis Station.

The next question has to do with politics. Are you surprised?

This structure has three sides, one a crackly "Welcome to Rogers Park" facing West, one plain white side facing a fence to the East, and a third side that is questionable.

The reason the third side, facing East, is questionable is because it shows a white opaque sheet of plastic covering a very nice history of Rogers Park, map of Rogers Park, and signed letter from Mayor Daley.

Now, who would cover this up? What would be the motivation to cover this up?

Whoever covered this up doesn't like Mayor Daley.

Whoever covered this up doesn't like Rogers Park history.

Whoever covered this up doesn't want the citizens to be educated on the size and shape of Rogers Park.

Who could it be?

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