Sunday, August 19, 2007

Comment about blogging in the Chicago Reader

Do you feel that this Underworld comic, found in the Chicago Reader, is accurate?

What do you feel may be the motivation for the creation of many Rogers Park blogs?


Fargo said...

I don't think the vulture is an appropriate comparison for most of our blogs. Magpies would be more like it - gathering lots of images, bits of info and assorted chatter (good and bad) into a colorful hodgepodge.

I started mine to share info and ideas. Anyone else care to comment?

Jocelyn said...

Oh, I guess I started it because I had something to say and because I like being part of a community of bloggers.

I don't see myself as a vulture, but I find that comic funny. I find the competitive-ness that goes on sometimes very funny. I dislike when people take it too seriously and charater assasinate.

Paradise said...

I blog to have an online diary and because RP needs something besides hate bloggers. Vultures is an appropriate image, they circle around looking for some carrion to drop for them to bury their heads into.