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Friday, October 10, 2008


I was carrying my camera the other day, as usual, and found this curiosity.

Certainly, the owner had insurance? It's still required in Illinois, right?

Wonder what he/she did with the money? Spent it on tape?

It was apparent that this vehicle, a newer model, has been damaged for quite awhile. It was in the parking lot behind the assisted living facility at Sheridan Road and Sherwin Avenue.

Its condition does neither says a lot for the owner, nor does it say a lot for how automobiles are built. Lots and lots of fibreglas here, and plastic bumpers, doomed to destruction in even the slightest fender-bender. Would that be because so much steel is required for manufacturing something like this:

And, unfortunately, repair and replacement costs a mountain of money. Insurance should cover that, but this driver seems to prefer the "bashed in" look, at least for now.

Or, perhaps he/she spent the bucks on a new HDTV (High Definition Tele Vision), which you'll need, come, January, when television broadcasting standards change. Some trade-out, huh?

1 comment:

The North Coast said...

Liability insurance is required, but only the people holding your car loan are going to make you have comprehensive.

Owner probably has the minum- liability only, so damage to his own car isn't covered- or he has a really high deductible and doesn't want to hike his rates by making claims.