Monday, October 7, 2013

Tawani Enterprises demolition with no permit on site



Anonymous said...

I believe there are posted no trespassing signs in the parking lot where you began your video. Why is it that you feel you can break the law while pointing out others you feel are breaking the law. Seems quite hypocritical to me....

Bill Morton said...


The No Trespassing sign on the 7315 N. Sheridan Road parking lot was put up after this video was recorded.

In fact, Tawani Enterprises Incorporated and the other company's that they own (Rogers Park Solutions LLC and Rogers Park Vintage Management) made a lot of changes after being held accountable for their demolition without a permit posted and unsecure demolition site were exposed in this very video.

Sometimes it takes progressive measures to hold irresponsible businesses and politicians accountable for their actions.